Letter to the Editor

Area resident recalls 'educational goals' meeting

Sunday, January 13, 2008

To the Editor:

In January 2007, I attended a meeting in which an Indiana School Board representative and current staff member from our school developed a list of goals (19 items).

These goals were deemed necessary by our staff for the improvement of educational values in our corporation's future schools.

This representative closed this meeting by stating that these goals were a big assignment, that every one should get busy at once and establish these goals before selecting an architect for this building project.

That made common sense! Define and establish educational values for students' classroom programs before selecting building bricks.

But whoa, I had already been in committee meetings prior to January 2007 that were conducted by architects and financial advisors.

Was it too late to establish educational goals? Who knows? When public members speak out today to support the current building program, do they know the educational goals and values of this project?

Is our board aware of these goals and values?

In all fairness to students and taxpayers, everyone should know these facts.

Our school board should establish the educational needs of all students in our 21st century schools and take action to provide these needs!

Twenty-first century school boards will need to prioritize expenditures of tax dollars in our school planning!

Forrest Buell,

Clay City