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BREAKING NEWS: Two area teachers arrested

Monday, January 14, 2008

A Sunday evening accident led to the arrest of two allegedly intoxicated teachers, one a teacher at North Clay Middle School and the other from White River Valley Jr./Sr. High School.

Shortly before 7:30 p.m., Clay County Sheriff's Deputies Jason Frazier and Josh Krause responded to a deer/vehicle accident report in a rural area near the intersection of County Road 700 North and 200 West, discovering a 2003 Jeep Liberty standing almost upright in a ditch.

The driver, Melinda Ellis, 35, and passenger, Anita Miller, 43, both from Brazil, were uninjured during the accident, but both smelled of alcohol and were apparently intoxicated.

After failing field sobriety tests, Ellis and Miller were booked into the Clay County Justice Center on the following charges:

With a BAC of 0.12, Ellis, the driver of the vehicle and a science teacher, was preliminarily charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated. During a pat down, officers discovered Ellis had an undisclosed amount of marijuana in her possession, which added additional charges of possession of marijuana under 30 grams and possession of paraphernalia.

With a BAC of 0.17, Miller, the passenger and a physical education teacher, was preliminarily charged with public intoxication, disorderly conduct and indecent exposure. Officers reported Miller displayed outrageous behavior, including dropping her pants to her ankles at least twice in an attempt to urinate in front of the officers.

Surveillance footage at the jail was turned over to the Clay County Prosecutor's Office for review by investigating officers as evidence of the details surrounding Miller's rowdy behavior during the booking process.

As of Monday afternoon, both women had bonded out of jail to await arraignment at the Clay County Courthouse, but will not be allowed in a classroom any time soon. Both teachers have also been released from their teaching positions according to officials at their respective school corporations.

Clay Community School Superintendent Dan Schroeder confirmed Miller was on paid leave at this time and faxed The Brazil Times a press release statement concerning her arrest Monday afternoon.

"The administration is aware of the situation, but has no personal knowledge of the allegations at this time. If the allegations are true, this is an unfortunate situation for the individual and students, because teachers do serve as role models. We will seek legal advice and might conduct an investigation," Schroeder wrote.

The Clay Community School Board of Trustees issued a press release Monday afternoon scheduling a special session on Thursday at 6 p.m., to consider and receive potential information "concerning the individual's alleged misconduct and to discuss before a determination, the individual's status as an employee..."

White River Valley School District Superintendent Layton Wall confirmed to The Brazil Times that Ellis, who began her first year teaching at the corporation this past summer, has been suspended with pay pending disciplinary action by the school board on Jan 23. Wall declined further comment.

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-- Posted by miller47834 on Mon, Jan 14, 2008, at 4:52 PM

These teachers should not only be fired but have their teacher licenses suspended. This is ridiculous. I am sure these aren't the only teachers that are doing it. Wait a second, lets give the teachers a raise so they can do this more often.

-- Posted by OntheRight08 on Mon, Jan 14, 2008, at 5:59 PM


The two teachers made unwise decisions and undoubtedly will pay the consequences...as they should. I am very disappointed, though,that a citizen of our community would bring up a pay raise assault on our Clay Community teachers because of the mistakes of these two women. I am just saddened that this event may put a black cloud over all of the dedicated teachers in Clay County. Be careful with words. They are powerful.

-- Posted by lissco on Mon, Jan 14, 2008, at 8:45 PM

What happened here is unfortunate. These two women (I played basketball with Anita "NuNu" in HS) made a lapse in judgement and will forever pay for this mistake because of the positions they hold. Their professional/public life is under scrutiny by the public. When you choose a profession that puts you in a position of authority, you assume the roll and all that goes with it. As with any choice we make .. I hope the 'fun' they had was worth the price they'll pay .. but it usually isn't. I feel bad for their children and how they'll be treated because of this.

-- Posted by Emmes on Tue, Jan 15, 2008, at 7:21 AM

I feel that any person working with our childrenshould have surprise drug testing. If these teachers do drunk driving,drugs,and display nudity,whatelse might they do?

The young Girl at North Glay was taken to Vincennse For having pills,why was she not bonded out ? They all need to learn the hard way we will not except this stupity around our loved ones

-- Posted by WWJDPeople on Tue, Jan 15, 2008, at 7:40 AM

As a graduate and volleyball player at Northview High School I had Anita as a coach/teacher for all four years. In this time I got to know her and her family very well. In no way did I or my family feel I was in any danger any time that I spent with Anita or her family. She served as a role model for me and I looked up to her and still do. She committed a lot of time on and off "the court" to ensure that I was doing what was best for me during my time at Northview and even in college.

In no way does this reflect on Anita's family, the Clay Community School Corporation, or any of its teachers. Anyone placing blame or saying, "lets give the teachers a raise so they can do this more often," should be ashamed of themselves. Anita and all of the other teachers in Clay Community Schools, provide a wonderful education and memories that we all carry on after we graduate. As an educator myself I can say that as a teacher I know my responsibilities carry on after I leave school daily. Does that mean that I don't make mistakes? No, but I learn from them, just like everyone else, and make sure it doesn't happen again.

We all make mistakes in our lives, some greater than others, and in some way we all end up paying for these in the end. She is paying for her mistakes and will for quite some time. Does she need to be reminded of what she did for the rest of her life by people that do not truly know her prior to this "mistake?" No! We can all pass down judgment on someone, but what does that really do? Does it make us feel better about ourselves? Will it change what has happened? Remember that what you say not only affects her, but it affects her family and children. Always keep in mind if you were to make a "mistake" would you want to be judged by complete strangers?

-- Posted by Niki1998 on Tue, Jan 15, 2008, at 8:39 AM

I couldn't have said it any better, Nikki1998! Thank you.

-- Posted by lissco on Tue, Jan 15, 2008, at 9:16 AM

What they do on their time is not up to anyone but them. Everyone has a skeleton in their closet at one time or another. The press shouldn't have made such an issue out of this, it just encourages the "uptight" folks and students to react in a higher manner than necessary. Thats not to say that you should treat this situation lightly,, its just a note to say, "Wrong time, Wrong place, Wrong attitude". And I'd bet that the majority of the staff couldn't pass the Drug test and has had a few cocktails while out and about with friends, and passed a few officers at one time or another.. These ladies just got caught. So they will pay their dues and get on with life!! Just as the rest of us have done.

-- Posted by Another Mom on Tue, Jan 15, 2008, at 10:52 AM

The majority of the staff couldnt pass a drug test?? where are you from??? That is a very accusitory remark

-- Posted by madmom61 on Tue, Jan 15, 2008, at 11:13 AM

"What they do on their time is not up to anyone but them." What if what they're doing is molesting children? Is it still up to them... after all it is "on their own time?" What kind of rationale is that?

We scrutinize the educational system when bad teachers slip through the cracks and here we have two that chose to put themselves in this position. They may be capable of teaching the curriculum, but they are certainly not the example that I want teaching my children.

It simply amazes me that people in this town believe it is the police or media's fault instead of applying accountability where necessary. How about being a mature adult and making better decisions starting with do not drink and drive? What happen to common sense for our children's sake?

-- Posted by shan on Tue, Jan 15, 2008, at 11:29 AM

In response to ;The majority of the staff couldnt pass a drug test?? where are you from??? That is a very accusitory remark...

I am from Reality! And everyone had a right to their opinion, doesn't mean that you have to agree.

-- Posted by Another Mom on Tue, Jan 15, 2008, at 12:15 PM

In response to:"What they do on their time is not up to anyone but them." What if what they're doing is molesting children? Is it still up to them... after all it is "on their own time?" What kind of rationale is that?

Keep on the subject at hand please! I certainly am not saying that what they did was apropriate or acceptable. I'm just saying that sometimes ppl do drink and drive, probably yourself at one time, and then when they get caught the public tends to nibble at it like its candy. These two ladies did some bad decission making, I give you that,but regardless of this blog, they will not live it down with this town.

-- Posted by Another Mom on Tue, Jan 15, 2008, at 12:32 PM

I am sure glad that my reality and yours are not the same. Remind me to ask my kids teachers for a specimen next time I see them. Hope they are not part of that MAJORITY you speak of! And I am fairly sure I could pass a drug screen!

God help you and your tainted views.

You are right, I don't have to agree, you just have to prove your slander.

-- Posted by madmom61 on Tue, Jan 15, 2008, at 1:04 PM

The teachers and staff at ALL schools are setting an example for our children. It sounds like these two were riding around in the country having a few drinks and smoking a little marijuana. Then when they were caught Nunu went into some raging tyrade that only added to the problem. Thats not the example I want set for my two sons attending North Clay & Northview. It is a priveledge to work for any school corporation not a right. With that priveledge comes a responsibility to always act in way that above these kind of actions. These two got exactly what they deserved in being fired and I hope they are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

In my career as a professional with a large financial institution I am subjected to random drug testing. In my conversations with friends and family I beleive the majority of employers require random testing as well. I hope our school corporation has a random drug test policy and is using it. There were drugs involved in this unfortunate situation and we can rest assured this was not the first time either of these teachers have done this.

I feel that this is not a true reflection of the teachers and staff at Clay Community School Corp. Throwing stones at the entire teaching staff is not fair. Most of them do a good job and set a good example for our kids. They deserved the contract they got.

-- Posted by Gizmo on Tue, Jan 15, 2008, at 1:11 PM

So far as I know, there is no "proof" that Ms. Miller was smoking marijuana. Yes, her friend was found with it on here but that does not in any way mean that Ms. Miller was also using it. I don't drink, most of my friends do, if they're caught with alcohol, does that mean that I'm drunk too? These women should and will be punished, through the justic system. It's very sad to me when there is such an uproar over this, when there is so much worse going on with parent in FRONT of their children and most people just turn a blind eye to it. My child knows Ms. Miller as a teacher and a coach. She has NEVER been anything but a positive influence. IF she were to test positive for marijuana, then yes, she should be fired, however, at this point, until the full story is known, I think the school board has taken the right approach in suspending them until more is known.

-- Posted by asil on Tue, Jan 15, 2008, at 1:51 PM

Come on... poor judgement... at 40 yrs of age, mothers and teachers... it's not poor judgement, it's really irresponsible and if these woman are making these types of decisions on their OFF time then I wonder how responsible their decisions are on their WORK time.

And... how dare they drive drunk like that... how dare they... what if they killed someone? Thank you local law enforcement for taking them off the street. They should be fired for this. They took everyones life who they passed on the road into their hands, what an unbelievably selfish, careless and insensitive decision that was. I do not want miller teaching my children who are both at North Clay at the moment. I'm no angel, but by far I don't make careless decisions that can cause someone else to die.

-- Posted by proudmomof2 on Tue, Jan 15, 2008, at 2:20 PM

I just hope the situation gets resolved, whichever way, without too much more hoopla over it. It's distracting enough to the kids without dragging it out and having the extra rumors going around that are inevitable.

-- Posted by asil on Tue, Jan 15, 2008, at 2:33 PM

I know for a fact one of the principals of an elementary school here was out drinking one night. I was at the same bar listening to another friends band for a short time with some good friends and my husband. The principal was introduced to me because my kids were in one of the classes before "they" were principal. I could not believe that "they" had the nerve to tell me that "they" could 'slap my child across the face'! I know my child had some behavior problems at the time. We were working on that having her have more social interactions. That is not something that you say to a parent the first time you meet them. Unfortunately my children have to go to the school "they" are the principal at. Says a lot about the quality of some people we have in the system. We have some REALLY good teachers but it is the bad ones that bring the whole system down. And people wonder why Clay County has one of the worst educational reputations around.

-- Posted by smoke20fan on Tue, Jan 15, 2008, at 3:24 PM


you really need to make the school corporation, Central Office aware of that. Those are some serious things to say

-- Posted by madmom61 on Tue, Jan 15, 2008, at 3:32 PM

"And I'd bet that the majority of the staff couldn't pass the Drug test and has had a few cocktails while out and about with friends, and passed a few officers at one time or another.. These ladies just got caught"


-- Posted by beautiful978 on Tue, Jan 15, 2008, at 4:59 PM


There are two sides to every story. You were at the bar? Would you please tell viewers if you were drinking as well? Why is it okay for you to be at the bar? Where do you work?

If it was that serious to you...why did you not report the incident to central office? Why bring it up now? Those are very serious allegations. Really...be careful.

-- Posted by lissco on Tue, Jan 15, 2008, at 5:42 PM

This is the only slogan I have for this whole incident: Higher Standards=Better Contract. Higher standards include random drug test and making sure our teachers character is that of a role model. It is a privilege to teach not a right. I hope these teachers privilege is taken away. As a public administrator scholar I know that their are several people waiting in line to teach our children, let those who want to give our children a chance teach and get rid of the pin heads!

-- Posted by OntheRight08 on Tue, Jan 15, 2008, at 5:46 PM

It's okay for parents to drink. It is not okay for teachers to drink. Law enforcement officers aren't even allowed to be in public drinking or getting drunk. Come on... Lets get FIRE HAPPY!

-- Posted by OntheRight08 on Tue, Jan 15, 2008, at 5:48 PM

Oh my how we throw those stones, I do not uphold by any means these actions by our teachers. But humanity tells me I hope they learned a valueable lesson. And I am so sorry for the price they will have to pay. If they have a problem with alcohol and drugs please let them get help. Remember if they hadn't flipped the vehicle because of a deer we wouldn't even know about it. They were almost home. Everything happpens for a reason and I hope this wakes up some people. We have some great teachers in this community and maybe some will make mistakes like this. Should we throw the stones or should we reach out and give prayer that they should get help and this was a wakeup call. We want to hold our teachers at such a high standard maybe we should hold some parents at the same standards and see the results. How many of you pratice what you preach. Parents are the prime examples of our children. How come we expect more out of our teachers than we do the parents of these children?

-- Posted by mamawpam on Tue, Jan 15, 2008, at 5:58 PM

Here is the problem, the DUI laws are too lenient. I too hope and pray that these two women learn and grow from this unfortunate incident; however, we grow from consequences.

Yes, they have the right to drink, they just don't have the right to do so and drive. What if the deer would have been a family that was "almost home?"

As far as staying on point, well simply put, you commit the crime -- you do the time. Have I been there? Yes I have and guess what? I was just as guilty and deserved each and every consequence... and then some.

-- Posted by shan on Tue, Jan 15, 2008, at 7:01 PM


What is a public administrator scholar? Hmm...sounds...important.

Also, should parents drink, smoke, and/or take drugs, right in front of their children?

If you agree...I must say that this is not a good example and promotes bad habits in children.

The ultimate teaching begins at home. Unfortunately, some parents feel that teachers should supply all the nurturing of a parent.

This episode has nothing to do with teacher contracts. And, "pin heads?" Thanks for representing our community in such intellectual manner. No wonder Clay County is looked down upon.

-- Posted by lissco on Tue, Jan 15, 2008, at 8:42 PM

I do believe that these two teachers will get whats comming to them, as I do believe in supporting a Drug free community. We don't know the reasoning behind their actions, nor do we know what state of mind they were in. And quite frankly , I believe that this accident will wake them up and they will realize that they are in the wrong profession for the activities that they performed. Meaning , if you gonna work for the state, its not the best idea to get drunk and high then drive. Its a bad idea, but STRESS does prompt ppl to do strange things. If I had access to the archives, chances are that other teachers would have a wrap sheet that is worse. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that I don't agree with their actions, I'm saying that it sounds like they had a a spontanious evening, maybe even had someone pass the weed to them and they tried it ( or not). But its not against the law to go out and have a drink or two. Maybe one of them was having some issues and no-one to drive them home. Most ppl that go out for a drink, don't have a driver, its just the way it is. Yea they were toasted, and yea, if the dear wasn't there and a family was all this would be totally different, but it was ( apparently) a sign from above for them to refocus and re-evaluate their actions, as we are sure they will. So, Students will make their choice weather or not to understand or reject them, as will the community. I for one, believe in second chances, given there is one and would hope that the community will reconsider the WHOLE picture and hear them out.

The struggle to take care of our children, listen to each child and their stressors, help them with issues that parents don't have the time or knowledge to assist, I feel for them. I am greatful for each Teacher, and wish they did get paid better.

It appears to me that these two just went out to have a little down time, and it went very wrong, I for one have offered teachers the opportunity to call me if they wanna go enjoy happy hour and I would personally be their D.D. . So that is why I am more understanding than most. Ive seen staff memebers at parties, and I've seen them have a few. But they were there just like the other guests enjoying some down time. I've also gone out to the clubs and have had staff members ask me home ( I am married with children, so NO it didn't work for me), I understood their state of mind and had a friend assist them in the driving. Now the deer, its unpredictable, I've also been in an accident with one a time or two.

Please don't get me wrong, I'm understanding yet I wouldn't get trashed, and ofcourse drink then drive ( not to mention having drugs), I would make arrangements with someone to get me ( and my party) well in advance. But if I did, I'd also know that I would be paying the piper in more ways than one. So I do believe that they will punished for their actions, if this is a first time offense, I'm sure that their scared out of their mind this week.

In closing, please fellow community bloggers, lets be open minded about this and be grateful that they are ok, and give them a chance. As a mom, my children tell me stuff about the town, and their friends,of which most get their "weed" from home. I would be ultimately humiliated by my actions, but I certainly wouldn't want it to become the "talk of the town" !

Thank you Brazil Times for allowing us to share our thoughts and having the opportunity to voice our opinion with others.

-- Posted by Another Mom on Tue, Jan 15, 2008, at 9:03 PM

I have a degree in public administration as well as a few other degrees. I am sorry for using the term pin-head, a professor of mine used it and I figured it was appropriate for these two teachers. I am sorry for using such a vulgar term, that of pin-head. "The Ultimate teaching begins at home," Yes I agree to this. But we place our children in the school during the day and aren't able to give them the instruction ourselves, instead we trust school personnel to give them instruction and a good influence. It's like we wouldn't want our children to be around a friend that is a bad influence, why would we want our children to be around a teacher that is a bad influence, especially now that their decisions are so publicized. IT was even on the Indianapolis news channels. Should parents drink, smoke, and/or take drugs, right in front of their children? Absolutely not, especially our teachers outside or inside of school. STRESS does prompt people to do strange things- I would just say time for a new job if the stress is too bad they are going to do stupid things. You don't have to gain an addiction because you are stressed out, seek treatment. "Right now it is a high effort, risk job for pretty low reward," again you chose the profession. There are many people who are seeking a teaching degree out there that are just waiting in line for a job, and would be great at it, and would accept the low pay high effort job. "Stepping up and realizing it is their jobs to be their kids role models,"-I hope they are role models the children spend many hours with them they should be a good role model also. "Yet we aren't willing to consider 2nd chances?"-Many jobs you don't get a second chance, this is one of them. "let's not make more out of her case than what it really is"-Role models are big cases and teachers are role models.

I'm not speaking to all teachers. Just the ones that are making mistakes. These individuals got caught, and those who haven't I hope do. I have many great teachers out there that are great role models in this corporation. This is just an opinion/comment section and I love what the Brazil Times has done, this is freedom of speech in action. Thanks Brazil Times for upholding our First Amendment of the United State Constitution.

-- Posted by OntheRight08 on Wed, Jan 16, 2008, at 2:12 AM

LISSCO, Yes I was at the bar, no I was not drinking. As I said I was there to see a friends band. I rarely drink anyway--consequences are too great! I am just a little ole secretary in a private office. I am not a public fixture in the community that deals with children! Well at the time I was got as to why an instructor would say something that horrible. I shrugged it off as to "they were drunk". From what I understand from other parents at the school this was not a lone event and happens pretty regularly--sometimes gets a little graphic too. Without proof what are you to do??? I brought this up now because everyone needs to know that we as parents need to have voices--strong voices--in our education system. I see and hear too many parents complaining and complaining without avail. I hope the school corporation and the school board looks deeply into who they hire for positions. I know of 4 excellent teachers at my children's school. The others seem to be there just to get the paycheck and status of saying they are employed. They don't care that children are struggling on learning. Just push them through. We need to make sure those little voices are heard--not pushed to the side.

These 2 just got caught and it became public, too bad. More need caught and made public. Parents need to know what their children have to see everyday. How good and effective is the educator that has a hang over?

Lissco--the way you have been defending the actions of the "bad" teachers makes me wonder if you are for quality of education? Think about who you are defending--the ones that make poor judgements and do the stupid things. No we are not attacking the good ones. They probably make mistakes too, but they are smart enough to know that it comes back around so they keep in check.

-- Posted by smoke20fan on Wed, Jan 16, 2008, at 12:21 PM

Does anyone know....is there standard, random, or any kind of drug testing for employees of the school district? Other than the initial test upon being hired? In the last 10 to 15 years, I can't remember having a job where there wasn't random testing among the employees and considering these are the people that we have to entrust our children to almost daily, I would think random tests should be required.

-- Posted by asil on Wed, Jan 16, 2008, at 1:24 PM

In all seriousness I am for drug testing... but here is the problem... Sometimes the cheap drug tests can give a misreading of the results because there are certain foods that trigger a test and make them fail. I think if it was a reliable drug test then yeah... all teachers should be drug tested periodically.

-- Posted by OntheRight08 on Wed, Jan 16, 2008, at 2:42 PM

Couldn't they do a follow up test if you fail a drug screen? I think if you are going to teach or work at schools, it would be a great thing to have this done. Maybe a school board member can answer that. Any ideas on how to get an answer from any of them? Don't send an email. It wont get answered

-- Posted by madmom61 on Wed, Jan 16, 2008, at 2:44 PM

My goodness how news travels! I can tell you that this story has gotten all the way to Massachusetts and Texas!!! I can understand how everyone would be upset about two teachers drinking and acting this way.....but you should all be OUTRAGED that most people on these posts cannot spell or write!!! That says more about the state of education in Clay County than two drunk teachers!

-- Posted by reddevil12 on Wed, Jan 16, 2008, at 6:46 PM

Please remember the children that are caught up in this travesty. I hope parents explain to their children that these children aren't at fault. I hope their friends support them, not tear them down.

-- Posted by happysix on Wed, Jan 16, 2008, at 8:25 PM

Dear Smoke20Fan:

Thank you for your response.

I am in no way defending these two teachers. What they did is disgusting, immature disappointing, and ridiculous. Am I going to call them names? No. They will face the judge soon. Should they be fired? In my opinion, yes. Should they ever work with children again? No. Are there careers ruined? Probably. I do not even know them personally.

Am I for quality education? Absolutely. In fact, I work in the school system. I have two children in Clay Community Schools. I keep up on their academics every single day. I know what assignments they have and when they are due. My husband and I frequently help them with their work. When there is a problem, I email or call their teachers. We are blessed, because there is honestly and sincerely not one teacher at the particular school I frequently work at that I would say doesn't care about students. They work so very hard to meet the needs of each and every student.

The reason that I have questioned ones in this forum is because of the frustration that I feel from those who appear to believe that "freedom of speech" means that it's okay to judge and bring down our community.

I do think that those who work with children such as teachers, pastors and youth leaders,etc. (as my husband and I are) should not be seen in a bar. It's not showing a good example to the youth.

I do not think parents should drink, smoke, or do drugs in front of their children. This is my opinion. I think the biggest role model on earth is a parent. This is where it begins and parents have the opportunity to have the biggest impact on their children. With this said...I have failed at times with my kids...but I try to do the very best that I can to raise them as good, responsible, and respectful citizens. It's the hardest job in the world!!!!

I truly believe when this event occurred at the bar it should have been reported right away. I'm just upset that it is brought up right now. This should have been reported rather than put on this forum.

My intentions with my comments is to make others think before they write. I have made mistakes before that I regret and I have learned from them...hopefully.

One last thing. This event can be a great lesson for parents to teach their children: Look what horrible mistakes these two teachers did? Do you want to do this? Even though you are young...you can still make horrible decisions to change the course of your life! Make wise decisions.


-- Posted by lissco on Wed, Jan 16, 2008, at 8:41 PM

Lisco Explain your version of freedom of speech. I thought it meant free to say as you please. Not slander or liable, just free to speak

-- Posted by madmom61 on Fri, Jan 18, 2008, at 9:03 AM


Freedon of Speech and "freedom" period is taken for granted in our country. Unfortuntely, people believe that they can say and do as they please, because we have "freedom of speech."

Being able to voice our opinion is a privilege and an honor. In many countries, having an opinion would lead to death.

I believe as most of these people do in the forum. My biggest frustration has been that a few individuals in the forum have lumped all teachers with the two teachers that performed the crimes.


-- Posted by lissco on Sun, Jan 20, 2008, at 9:03 PM


Sounds like you and I are on the same page then

-- Posted by madmom61 on Tue, Jan 22, 2008, at 7:54 AM

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