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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Well folks, I finished those unmentionable chores that I mentioned last week, the sun is shining, and I'm feeling good!

The exercise - bike just stopped purring like a kitten, a skimpy little entrée, and the Caltrate 600 + D is down the hatch. When my fingers get tired of tormenting this, not so old, out-dated computer, I'm going outside to absorb some sun. I have a feeling in my old troubled bones that Mother Nature will soon cool us down and have a batch of that white stuff readied to serve up.

Even though I like to look at the bright side of a snow event, when the sun makes the snow glisten; I would rather watch beauty unfold from the inside of my little blue house, at the end of the road. The healthy houseplants will have to share the south window with me.

This month, Paul will undergo surgery at the Richard Roudebush VA Medical Center. He suffers from Ulnar Neuritis. Over the years, the nerves in his arms have become pressured. During last few months, he has felt numbness, tingling, and stiffness in his hand. Due to the fact that he also has arthritis his self- assessment of the problem didn't help the medical layman out much.

After an in-depth conduction study, specialists at VA concluded that orthopedic surgery is necessary.

My bionic man told them, "I'll be handy when the day comes." I was thinking, yes, and so will I be.

The little fellow won't be pushing that Craftsman heavy lawn equipment onto the showroom floor for a few weeks. Paul's knee surgery recovery hasn't been cut and dry, either. The, in home, therapy continues and the wedges are in the shoes.

How is he doing otherwise? Happy as a meadowlark in springtime! I think a loon sometimes figures in there some way too!

Two weeks ago, I received a message via e-mail from Irene Scott Stewart. Mrs. Stewart lives in Tennessee. She reads The Brazil Times on-line every day. Irene was raised in Clay City and has fond memories of spending time in and around Brazil. Her mother worked at the local restaurants. Her brother worked at the Arketex after he finished his military obligation in 1956.

She told me that her father had many friends in the Brazil area. He once worked with the late Robert Neal in the tomato fields in Clay City. She would like to know more about the place of her dad's employment.

Some of the fondest memories that Irene has of her youth are her many visits to beautiful Forest Park. She was concerned when she read about vandalism there.

I told Irene that the park is in good hands and is still as beautiful as she remembers and even better. Maybe she can visit Brazil again someday and see what I see! Thanks Irene!

Thanks to the City employ(s) that, among other things, removed the damaged cedar tree's top branches off of the front fence at Restlawn Cemetery. Nice job! I have observed a lot of good things in the works around town lately.

I have noticed a lot of stray dogs in the north end of town. Some people just don't get it. Not only are you breaking the law; you are endangering your pets to all sorts of hazardous situations and more trouble than you can imagine if your pooch bites someone or does other damage.

I dislike people and their pets trespassing on my property. Rowdy, my beagle, and I practice what I preach. Even if you offered to help pay my taxes, I would allow your dog(s) no liberties in that regard.

There is a difference between breaking chain or never having a chain, being fed well or running around half starved looking for some other pet's rations.

Lastly, this pack that I am referring to is five or six canines strong--a force to reckon with. Just like you can't tell a book by its cover; you can't determine a dog's temperament by its size. Even the Whitetails and rabbits are paying attention to the turmoil!

Sixty-two years ago I was viciously attack by two German police dogs, in front of their master's house, on my way home from school. I shiver when I think of it. Lucky for me the owner took quick action. How could you do the same?

Two weeks ago a young woman from Terre Haute was searching for a Fox Terrier that had escaped from its new owner's home on Ashley Street. She came to my door. I hadn't seen Stella Mae and felt bad because I couldn't help.

I wonder if that little dog might have met up with the gang? Was Stella found?

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