Letter to the Editor

No one should judge others period

Monday, January 21, 2008

To the Editor:

As a graduate and volleyball player at Northview High School, I had (Anita Miller) as a coach/teacher for all four years.

In this time, I got to know her and her family very well.

In no way did I nor my family feel I was in any danger any time that I spent with Anita or her family.

She served as a role model for me and I looked up to her and still do today.

She committed a lot of time on and off "the court" to ensure that I was doing what was best for me during my time at Northview and even during my college years.

In no way does this reflect on Anita's family, the Clay Community School Corporation, or any of its teachers. Anyone placing blame or saying, "let's give the teachers a raise so they can do this more often," should be ashamed of themselves.

Anita and all of the other teachers in Clay Community Schools, provide a wonderful education and memories that we all carry on after we graduate. As an educator myself, I can say that as a teacher, I know my responsibilities carry on after I leave school daily. Does that mean that I don't make mistakes? No, but I learn from them, just like everyone else, and make sure it doesn't happen again.

We all make mistakes in our lives, some greater than others, and in some way, we all end up paying for these in the end. She is paying for her mistakes and will for quite some time.

Does she need to be reminded of what she did for the rest of her life by people that did not truly know her prior to this "mistake?" No!

We can all pass down judgment on someone, but what does that really do? Does it make us feel better about ourselves? Will it changed what happened?

Remember that what you say not only affects her, but it affects her family and children.

Always keep in mind if you were to make a "mistake," would you want to be judged by complete strangers?

Niki Hale,