Letter to the Editor

Reader disagrees with meaning of letter

Monday, January 21, 2008

To the Editor:

I would like to address what is in my view an easy misperception on the part of Charlene Head in her letter entitled, "Disappointed with lack of security," concerning the 76th BCT send off at the RCA Dome.

Be assured that the security was on par with that of the Colts games security. Great care was taken to ensure that the security was as transparent as possible to the friends and family members of the service members being honored.

It would be very easy to overlook the "plain clothes" security staffing. Measures like passive and active monitoring of persons entering, and monitoring the environment were implemented extensively.

This security was provided by some of the best subject matter experts and professionals that Indiana has to offer.

I share your pride in those soldiers! I hope this helps rest your concern with this issue and provides some peace of mind. Indiana did take care of their people on that day. It is commendable that you took the time and effort to address a security issue.

Thank you. Respectfully submitted,

Mike Galloway,