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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What miracle of weird transforming

Is this wild work of frost and light,

This glimpse of glory infinite?

John Greenleaf Whittier

I just returned to the little blue house at the end of the road. Outside, it's a lot more than a little bit nippy but then; this is January. I just shed my old jacket. The Chinese must have rubbed the down off of a huge gaggle of geese before they made that one. It does the job.

On this sunshiny day, the evergreens aren't begging for handshakes and the sidewalks are not wearing overcoats. Lucky for most, the shovels are standing idle in the tool sheds and garages.

It looks as if there may be snow angels in my space this week. Ever since I can remember, when Mother Nature blanketed the landscape with a measurable amount of the white stuff, I enjoyed lying sunny side up and spread --eagle forming depressions in undisturbed snow, although; when I look back, deeper drifts are in the picture.

According to Bismarck world record information, on March 28, 2007, Guinness World Records confirmed that North Dakota holds the world record for the most snow angels made simultaneously in one place. The record breaking event occurred Feb. 17, 2007, when 8,962 snow angels were created by people waving their arms while lying in the snow covering the state Capitol grounds in Bismarck.

As they say, the creation of a snow angel is a simple process. The movement of the out-stretched arms forms the wings and the motion of the lower limbs forms a gown. When the snow sculptor stands up to look at his or her work, an invisible halo can often be seen.

My best friend, forever, the late Annetta Lee Young and I enjoyed the game so much. Sometimes when the wicked winds blew and flakes of snow plastered our faces we could see neither that big old troubled sky nor each other. Everyone within earshot could hear us giggle and sing a little too. Angels were surrounding us as we enjoyed that simple pleasure of our youth. The tired old garden space was our workshop. Oh, we were so busy, carefree and happy!

I'm sure we almost reached Stringtown's records for angel making, as well as snow balling. We sometimes asked my late brother, "Johnny" Wayne, to help with our snow sculpting projects, because some body parts were too heavy for two little wet and cold girls to move. We even rewarded him with a fast ball or two and he reciprocated with his untrained delivery.

Winter snows came and went and then; my little sister, Sandra, the little snow princess joined in the merriment. Always, our beagles serenaded us with their throaty voices as we worked and played.

Great snowmen, with character, stood watch over the Catholic cemetery, now known as Restlawn. Unfortunately, Dad's dress hat only adorned one snowman big head. All stood proud until the weather improved. Then, slowly, they lost their broad smiles and fell onto the skimpy blankets below. Our cool gentleman friends melted away beneath the warming rays of sun and became parts of our histories.

So, until my health fails to pay attention to my plans I will continue to make angels in the snow and remember the very special ones that I once knew, fondly.

These days, getting up is more taxing than getting down. I know that there is saneness to my insanity and more than that: this old girl will never earn me a place in Guinness and; I don't care! Once or twice during the winter season is enough to satisfy the kid in me.

A few days ago, Paul, and I received a letter and other materials from Air Evac Lifeteam. I became very interested in the content and the service offered, as hundreds have before me, including my sister. I, without hesitation, filled out the short form, penned a check and signed my John Henry. Why? Air Evac serves Clay County and 10 other counties with an air ambulance. They have a highly skilled team of professionals on board that could handle the Sartor's medical emergencies, in case we needed to be transported to the nearest emergency room out of town, with no precious time to waste.

As I was reaching for the stamped envelope bearing a West Plains, Missouri address and a local man's signature, a question came to mind. I called Mike Mayle, Membership Coordinator of the Air Evac Lifeteam, at 812-239-3330. He came by the house and explained everything, the importance of the service to folks in rural settings.

With our Farm Bureau membership discount working for us, the cost to two household members was just $45 a year. What a bargain for so much peace of mind!

It is time to do the evening chores. I hear my pal Rowdy complaining, loudly, "Mom get off of the computer!"

I can be reached at 446-4852 or drop me a line to 613 North Elm St., Brazil.

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