Letter to the Editor

Reader offers opinion on board

Sunday, January 27, 2008

To the Editor:

I would like to offer my opinion on the school board's building and renovation program.

As always, those with the authority to spend the taxpayers' money think that working men and women can always pay for yet another program.

Do they know that this leads to total programs for the people and total power for the government.

Part of our "new" education program needs to include the fact that we fully intend to pass on to our children this debt, as the school children of today will be forced to pay for the debt we left for them. They can better understand our unclouded foresight.

Even though it is popular belief that government can be all things to all people, this is simply not true. First, we would have to give up living free.

That price is too high.

Do we really need the added expense of an assistant superintendent? I'm getting close to being taxed off my property.

Don McCullough,

Center Point