Letter to the Editor

Area organization offers thanks

Sunday, January 27, 2008

To the Editor:

In the days before Christmas for the past several years, members of Alpha Omega Chapter of Delta Theta Tau Sorority go to Cooper Towers, Jackson Gardens and Meridian Towers.

In the community room at each location, we show a Christmas movie, serve cookies, coffee and punch, and everyone gets a goodie bag.

The residents who choose to participate seem to enjoy this very much, as do our members.

This past Christmas, we were assisted in this endeavor by Shuee and Sons, who delivered and picked up a big screen TV at each location. This was no small feat and we sincerely thank them for their participation. Also, a big thank you to St. Vincent Clay Hospital for donating items for the goodie bags.

In addition, ReMax Homes and Land made a monetary donation for items to complete the goodie bags.

Delta Theta Tau is a philanthropic organization.

The willingness of these community-based businesses to assist with this project is very much appreciated.

Pam Miller,

Chairman, Christmas

Movies Project