Letter to the Editor

Reader disappointed with handling of bill

Sunday, February 3, 2008

To the Editor:

I received a notice that I had a water leak.

I took the repair bill to the water company as requested, stating where the leak was (next to the meter) and what was done to repair it for an adjustment to the bill.

A few days later, I received a $94.15 bill. I then received a bill for $166.34.

I called the water company and was told I had been sent two bills previous for the $166.34. I did not!

I was also told I was charged $35 for disconnect and that I had been given notice.

I never received a notice of any kind. My bill states due date Feb. 10, 2008. Why have a due date when it gets shut off before that date?

I told personnel it would be paid before Feb. 10 but was refused to have my water turned back on.

I called the Mayor's office because I believe this is unfair. The leak was through no fault of mine.

After calling her office three times, I still could not speak to our Mayor.

So it seems we have rights!

We have no choice as to where our water comes from when you live in town. But we do have rights as voters.

Janet Treash,