Letter to the Editor

Brazil Public Library Director speaks out

Sunday, February 3, 2008

To the Editor:

Despite ongoing issues with the library expansion project, the staff has been permitted to re-enter the library and will resume limited services to the public.

Until the remaining building code issues have been resolved, the public will not be permitted to enter the library. The staff will resume providing library materials at the front door for patrons.

Tax forms, copy and fax service will be available as well.

If possible, please call 812-448-1981 with your requested material list. The library realizes that this is not the best service, but it is the best service available at this time.

On Jan. 22, Shelly Wakefield, director of Fire and Building Safety for the Indiana Department of Homeland Security, was at the library in an advisory capacity to assist the City Plan Administrator, Michele Altman, with the inspection of the library, and to help determine the scope of problems relating to the fire code issues. Notable progress has been made toward completion of key construction milestones in the project.

Pyramid Architecture/Engineering and Construction Administration, Inc., has submitted a new Life Safety Plan to the state for review. Along with the Life Safety Plan, several variances have to be requested to complete the project.

A special hearing to review these variances will be held on Feb. 5 in Indianapolis.

It is our hope that the project can be completed promptly after the state conducts its review and issues its determinations.

The library remains fully committed to the completion and delivery of a well-designed and constructed facility, which will be an enduring landmark, and will serve residents well through the 21st Century.

Jill Scarbrough,

Brazil Public Library Director