Humane Society reps pay visit to area third-graders

Monday, February 4, 2008
Third-graders (from left) Madison Kapke, Adri Racer, Noah Short, Addy McGinty, Jordan Scherb, Linzy Lunsford, Harley Staley, Tatum Dyar and MaKenzie Stewart present Bill Cochran from the Clay County Humane Shelter with 104 donated items to celebrate 100 days of school.

Jackson Township Elementary School third-graders learned about empathy and pet care when Bill Cochran of the Clay County Humane Society visited Monday afternoon.

Larissa Goshen, Becky Jeffers and Marguerite Morlan had their classes collect items to donate to the humane society to celebrate 100 days of school.

When the school celebrated 100 days of school, though, the humane shelter was closed because of a Parvo outbreak.

So Cochran, the director of shelter operations, came to Jackson Township to accept the 104 items the students collected Monday instead.

Students brought in toys, water dishes and lots of old newspaper for the humane society to use.

Cochran talked to the students about having empathy, or understanding the feelings, for pets.

Many students shared pet stories with Cochran, some happy and some sad.

Then he brought in six special guests, four kittens and two puppies.

The students were able to interact with the animals and learn about how the humane society helps the community.

Cochran hopes the children will take his message seriously and apply what they have learned when they go home.

"These are the kids whose minds we need to change. Most adults are set in their ways when it comes to animals," Cochran said.

He hopes to be able to teach care and empathy to students in every building of the Clay Community School Corporation before the end of the year.

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