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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

According to Puxsutawney Phil, that little pampered groundhog in Pennsylvania, we will have six more weeks of winter weather. Yes, the calendar on the wall tells me; March 20th is the first day of spring, roughly six weeks from now.

I wonder if fact filled Phil knows anything about politics? How about issues that we humans have to face and deal with during these tough times? Anyhow, staying underground like that, he could neither be qualified to pick nor nit- pick the candidates, referee a loud debate from a couch or predict how this election is going to come down. Groundhogs don't exercise their voices much, so; who would care for anything more than a weather prediction from them? Right or wrong!

Whoever wins the presidential election of 2008 will have his or her work cut out. Hopefully, he or she will take our country out of the economic crisis that befalls and effects all of us--our dimming lackluster picture needs more than a touchup. It needs a fresh approach from a " painter of light" -- a strong leader!

President Bush thinks a dab of green will make the picture rosier and that may help, but for many Americans, the stimulus package is too little and too late. I think it would be fairer if "every " household in America could enjoy the anticipated mid-spring windfall. Something is better than nothing is. The cost of living is escalating at break --neck speed and Robin Hood isn't around to help us. Enough said!

Paul's recent surgery went well. Now he has the flu. I found it necessary to don two of the most worn of my many hats, those of a nurse and of a pampering chef.

I work all shifts. Might as well! He is dealing with a hacking cough and on top of that; my little patient has his days and nights mixed up and he thinks something is crawling near his incision beneath the heavy wrap housed in his splint.

By the time you read this article, Paul and I will have become great- grandparents to Piper Grace Terry. Induced labor is scheduled for today, which is Monday. I'm sure Avery Isabella, age three, and will be elated. A sister is a joy to behold.

Our daughter, Starla McHugh will be in Brownsburg next week to meet her baby granddaughter and give mom and dad, Lindsay and Matthew, a helping hand.

Our youngest daughter, Lori, and her family are moving from Stafford, Virginia to Denver. Her husband Clifford Patrick received a fantastic promotion, which gave cause to the relocate.

Last week we experienced a mixed bag of precipitation and damaging straight-line wind. The little blue house at the end of the road received roof damage.

The windows rattled and more; my heart raced and I shook. Thoughts of the aftermath of the horrific tornado that tore through the town of Coatsville, when I was a kid, came to mind. It was so dark that I could not see anything outside.

The wind slapped the walls of this sturdy old structure and the windows rattled. The noise was like nothing that had ever reached my ears. The batteries in the flashlight failed to send much of a beam. What if we were to lose our power? Paul was not feeling good at the time. Too many "what ifs" tested my nerves!

We made it through the, seemingly, endless night.

The next morning I took a walk around the premises. Roofing shingles were scattered everywhere thereabouts of the house. Broken limbs were dug deep into the ground like that old woodchuck, Phil. A box elder lost it's footing and was sprawled out across the front lawn and more.

Old Glory was still at her best and waving proudly. My pal Rowdy was his usual frisky self, the crows weren't complaining and I was thankful.

Lucky for us, we carry good insurance through Gasaway Insurance Unlimited Inc.

A claims representative was at our home within 24 hours of my call. After careful examination and estimation of the damage that the wind caused, the claim was handled to our satisfaction, before Travelers representative, Scott Eichman, left the premises. The only thing left to do is; get her done. The wheels have already been set in motion for that, as well.

I send my condolences to the family of Theresa Jo Cooksey.

Theresa, on behalf of my loved ones and friends of whom you were a wonderful caregiver, I once again thank you. Rest in peace.

I can be reached at 446-4852 or drop me a line to 613 North Elm Street, Brazil, IN., 47834 or email me at pmlsartor@aol.com.