Letter to the Editor

Foreign aid, illegal immigration, etc.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

To the Editor:

Foreign Aid: Who got it. Can anyone get me 2008 current information regarding how much our Congress gave away and to whom, and why?

An article in the American Legion Magazine from February 2008 displays a list showing how many United States military members are deployed around the world. A total of 490,000 around the world in 144 countries. Just think, we gave $10 billion per month to Iraq and are still giving. What about us?

And our Congress still refuses to seal our border, with approximately 20 million illegals so far. What about the illegals now in our own town and our own county?

Our Congress does not say where they got the dollars? Perhaps China? India?

It is not free, it is borrowed. Who pays the interest?

I spent two years, two secretaries, many dollars and the help of an immigration attorney to get a white family into Indiana legal. Both work in Indiana. One graduated from Purdue and the other is in the Air Force.

Our Congress is totally useless. I welcome answers from anyone.

James Anderson,