Letter to the Editor

Musings on school shootings, etc.

Monday, February 18, 2008

To the Editor:

More school shootings in the news.

I don't think it's a coincidence that these shootings only take place where it's not legal to carry a firearm.

These people are the worst kind of cowards. They want to kill or maim a bunch of people and then kill themselves before anyone can stop them. That way, they have been "in control" and had a moment of fame.

It's always in schools, workplaces, or cities/states where no one but criminals will be armed. It doesn't seem to happen much at police headquarters, gun shops, hunter check-in stations or military posts.

It only happens where the law guarantees criminals will have unarmed victims.

Just down the road from me last year, a van pulled up in front of a school and fired shots into the school. As required by federal law, no teacher, no administrator, no coach, no custodian was armed and able to protect the kids. Thank God the cowards drove away instead of going in.

To make it worse, our society raises spoiled, self-centered, whiny kids who haven't had their butts kicked at home because it's not politically correct. We put them in schools where the bullies own the hallways because the good kids don't want to be expelled for defending themselves in a zero-tolerance environment. This teaches the good kid to be victims and the bad kids to be very bad.

And let's not forget the kids who are administered mood-altering drugs at the request of teachers who expect bored little boys to sit still and act like little girls. There is little doubt that a modern-day Einstein would be put on drugs and have his creativity destroyed by them.

When you consider what we have done to our society and our kids, it's amazing things are as good as they are. It boils down to society being ran by well intentioned, clueless, politically correct do-gooders and it's probably only going to get worse,

Mike Frye,