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Saturday, Apr. 30, 2016

Epidemic now getting sad

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Unlike most, I haven't lived here my entire life.

I've only lived in Clay County for approximately 10 years.

But things have changed incredibly in those 10 years.

And those "things" haven't been change for the better in all instances.

Take for example, the recent arrests of 13 individuals.

It was Saturday, Feb. 16. I was spending time with friends in Indianapolis when my cell phone rang.

It was Brazil Times' reporter Ivy Jackson informing me of several arrests in Clay County.

She explained to me these arrests were drug-related.

She had called to let me know and to inform me she would be working a few extra hours during the weekend to put together a story.

After the call, all I could continue thinking about was, "how pathetic?"

This is an issue that has become a serious problem in Clay County.

It seems like every other day, there's another arrest involving methamphetamine.

I blogged about the issue on www.thebraziltimes.com almost immediately following all these arrests.

Basically, the blog discusses the changes a meth addict goes through after long-term use of the drug.

I know some of these people. It's not difficult to know several people in a small town.

I grew up in a small town.

But for so many people to become addicted to such a dangerous drug in this 10-year span, how pathetic indeed.

I feel for some of these people. I feel for them because I feel for anyone who believes they need a drug this potent to remain active. To remain lucid. To remain "alive."

What a joke.

There are no excuses when it comes to addiction.

Sure, I have my addictions. And I'm not proud of them.

They're just as dangerous as other addictions, if not more.

But the addictions I face are not illegal.

They're just plain stupid.

Not only is the addiction of meth illegal, it also falls into the category of just plain stupid.

At this rate, it appears the "meth epidemic" in Clay County isn't going to get any better.

But I sure hope it would.

It's nearly impossible to live in this world with rose-colored glasses.

But I've got two nieces now. I want them to live like that. I don't want them to ever be faced with a problem like this.

It's too bad that some -- the few bad apples -- are only making things worse for the other residents.

I?hope this growing "epidemic" subsides. The people of the county deserve better than this.

I'm going to try to find my glasses now.