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Poll indicates readers feeling 'pinch' of high gas prices

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Clay County residents have spoken.

They are feeling the pinch at the pump.

The Brazil Times asked its online readers recently "Are you starting to feel the pinch at the pump?"

Readers were offered three answers to choose from, including:

* Absolutely. Gas prices are way out of control,

* At the moment, I'm not feeling the pinch, but I'm sure it's coming, and

* The higher gas prices are not affecting me at all.

Gas prices at Speedway, 301 W. National Ave., Brazil, rose to $3.29 Friday afternoon. By Sunday afternoon, prices dipped to $3.25.
Of the three choices, readers overwhelming responded to they are feeling the pinch.

Of the 317 respondents, 294 (92.7 percent) said they believed gas prices were out of control.

In contrast, 16 readers (5 percent) said they weren't feeling the pinch at the pump yet, while seven readers (2.2 percent) said they were not affected by higher gas prices at all.

Thirteen readers also commented regarding The Times' latest online poll.

One reader stated, "I would not be as 'annoyed' if Exxon had not made the 'best in history' profit," while another reader said, "It's just a rip off. I try not to visit stations that increase prices based on the other guy."

Another reader said, "With record profits being posted by the oil companies, I believe it is time the government forced them to upgrade the refineries and start producing more domestic oil. At the very least, they should lose the large tax cuts they have been receiving," while another reader said, "I barely drive now."

The current Times' online poll question is, "What do you plan on doing with your tax return?"

Readers have three choices to respond to, including:

* Party time!,

*Put money down on that new flat-screen television, and

* Using it to pay bills.

As always, readers have the option of commenting regarding poll questions.

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