Harmony Happenings

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

First Christian Church has their Food Share Ministry sign up this Saturday from 9-11 a.m. This is a good program. Christians have banded together to try to cut food costs. Once each month a list of foods and the price of the "basket" is available. Interested folks can purchase the package, which is at the church two weeks later for pick up.

This plan has been available for several years. Maggie Morlan (448-9501) is in charge of the program at First Christian. A few people thought that it was a program just for the disadvantaged but it is not. It is a price break for anyone who wants to take advantage of a good deal.

A typical monthly plan contains a few meats, some fresh and frozen veggies and/or fruits, cereal, and some other packaged items. A smaller package contains just produce.

Interested individuals pay when they order and then pick up this order two weeks later. Participants are encouraged to have an empty box or cooler for pick up day. Maggie says the monthly package is almost half what you might pay at the store. It won't stop all your grocery shopping but it helps put more items in your larder for less money.

Food items are not available for sale individually. You can't just buy a package of bacon although a package of bacon is included in this month's plan. A list of everything in the monthly package is available when participants sign up and pay. The choices are for the entire package deal of foods (that keeps the price advantage) but there are a couple of plan choices.

Celebration Christian Center at Terre Haute has a similar program called Angel Food Ministries. They have the monthly package and 2-3 additional meal plans. On pick up day at Celebration, one volunteer lines up with each food item. A participant can make the round in approximately 10 minutes or less.

First Christian is located at 1875 W. Hwy 40 (across from Long John Silvers) and Celebration's address is 10001 E. Margaret Ave., in Terre Haute 1-800-515-1137. If other churches have similar plans, let me know and I will include them. With fuel costs raising the cost of all foods, any price breaks are appreciated. Don't we love a bargain!

Please say a prayer for the folks that were laid off last week from Lear (I.A.C.) at Greencastle. Many other folks in the area are facing unemployment, too. It is a tough time for many Hoosiers.

Mayme Johnson reported that the Contemporary Service at Harmony United Methodist Church went very well last Sunday evening. Lisa Watler reported on the youth ministry program for the county. Songs were enjoyed by everyone.

Harmony UMC is sponsoring an Easter Egg Hunt for all the kids at Harmony Park on Saturday, March 22. Sorry, I forgot to check the time on that and it is too early in the morning to call anyone. You may call the church at 448-2917 and check with Marsha.

Sunrise Service will be at Harmony UMC this year. Good Friday service will be at Lena at 7 p.m. Lena and Harmony alternate these programs each year.

Harmony will serve Sunrise breakfast, too. Carolyn Kumpf, Barbara Pell, Rita Jones, and Gail Roach will fix breakfast casseroles. Kenda Dierdorf, Sheila Termeer, and Carole Weaver will provide muffins or orange marmalade rolls. Mayme Johnson will provide the orange juice. Other ladies of the church will probably make contributions, too, but those names were not available as of this writing. Coffee, tea, and milk will also be available. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Cousin Debbie Akers made reservations for us to attend High Tea at Bit O' Britain in Terre Haute this past Saturday. The weather cooperated and so did my allergies. We had such a good time. Debbie's mom Anna Killion and our aunt Christine Clark enjoyed it, too. The restaurant must have 20-30 different teas to choose from. Snacks were served on lovely 3-tier trays. The waitress brought what seemed an endless supply of mismatched antique style dishes and teapots and silverware. There were cute little silver servers and interesting raw sugar scoops. Everything was so pretty, definitely a girl thing. Denny would have had to go for hamburgers afterward but we ladies loved being spoiled so much that we were there for two hours. Bit has weekday order from the menu and a buffet on Sunday. We haven't tried any of those yet.

Thanks to Cousin Debbie for the invitation to High Tea and to Ann for opening her home to continue our visit for another three hours. Ann's house is like a dollhouse. She gave us the grand tour. It was a good day.

Twice I thought the flu was finally gone and twice it has returned. Most of my visiting the past couple of weeks has been done via the telephone. My friends in Jasper, usually get less snow than us. They were dealing with nine inches of the white stuff this week. My friend Pat and one of her neighbors had shoveled the whole block of sidewalks so people could walk to the church down the street. I told them how sorry we were that we only had a little white left on the north side of buildings. Sorry, hah!

It was good to talk to Maggie Morlan and Debbie Hood, too. Then I tried to call Joetta Brown four times but decided she was either working or had skipped the country.

Happy Birthday to Christina Jones and Brandon Shorter (17th), Jeri Bowman and Cheryl Brinson (25th), Phyllis Schlatter (28th).

Area Calendar:

March 15 -- Food Share orders at First Christian 9-11 a.m., Pick up on the 29.

March 21 -- Good Friday Community Service at Brazil First UMC noon

Good Friday Service at Lena UMC 7 p.m.

March 22 -- Easter Egg Hunt at Harmony Park

March 30 -- District Youth Skate Party at TH Skate World 7-9 p.m.

Harmony United Methodist Calendar:

March 16 -- Worship Service 9 AM, Sunday School 10:45 AM,

March 18 -- Bowling at Brazilian Lanes 6:30 PM

March 19-- Clay County Quilters 9 AM -- 3 PM

March 20 -- PPRC 6:30 PM, Admin Board 7:00 PM

March 23 -- Sunrise Service 6:30 AM

March 28 -- Christian Cards Night 7:00 PM