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Poll: Readers not in favor of 'Dream Ticket'

Monday, March 24, 2008

Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.) listens to Sen. Evan Bayh (D-Ind.) during their visit to the Saratoga Restaurant in Terre Haute March 20. [Click to enlarge]
Former President Bill Clinton has suggested a "dream ticket" featuring candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama would be "unstoppable."

But if Clay County voters have anything to say about it, the "dream ticket" will not come to fruition.

In its most recent online poll, The Brazil Times recently asked its online readers "Are you in favor of a 'dream ticket' of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton?"

Readers had four choices to respond to, including:

* Yes. They would be unstoppable,

* Not really. I prefer one or the other, but not both together,

* No. I do not favor the "dream ticket" or

* It doesn't matter. I'm a Republican.

A tota of 389 readers responded to the poll, with 166 (42.7 percent) saying they did not favor the "dream ticket."

Of the respondents, 122 (31.4 percent) said it didn't matter because they were Republican.

In contrast, only 43 readers (11.1 percent) said they were in favor of the ticket, while 58 respondents (14.9 percent) said they preferred one on the Democratic ticket but not both.

A total of 12 readers also commented to the recent online poll.

One reader stated, "I can't imagine that either would consider second chair. I wouldn't," while another reader said, "Only Sen. Obama has any chance of bringing a change in government and bringing back respect to the U.S. in the eyes of other nations in the world. Republicans and Democrats alike should be relieved that finally we have a culturally diverse candidate that has a chance of giving credibility to our country."

Still, another reader said, "I would only vote for Hillary," while yet another reader said, "The thought of having a na*ve Senator from Illinois in charge of national security makes me shudder. The thought of Hillary being president is indeed scary. I'm not crazy about McCain, but he is a quantum leap better than the Dems when it comes to foreign policy and fiscal conservatism. Bush has been an embarrassment -- even for Republicans, such as myself. He is the Republican version of Jimmy Carter."

The new online poll is asking readers "Are you ready for the political season to be over?"

Readers have three options to choose from, including:

* I can't wait for things to get back to normal,

* No. I am having fun watching all of it play out, or

* It doesn't matter to me. I don't follow politics.

As always, readers have the opportunity to respond to the poll question.

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