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Poll: Readers ready for political season to be over

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Clay County voters have expressed their opinion and the results are in.

County voters, according to the latest Brazil Times' online poll, are ready for the political season to come to a close.

In its recent online poll, The Brazil Times asked its readers "Are you ready for the political season to be over?"

Readers were given three options to choose from, including:

* I can't wait for things to get back to normal,

* No, I am having fun watching all of it play out, and

* It doesn't matter to me. I don't follow politics.

Of the 186 respondents that voted in the poll, 144 (77.4 percent) said they were ready for things to get back to normal.

A total of 31 voters (16.7 percent) said they were having fun watching all of it play out while 11 respondents (5.9 percent) said it did not matter, as they didn't follow politics.

In addition, three readers responded to the poll.

One stated, "Bring it on! Three interesting candidates have made me become a political news junkie!" while another reader said, "It will be interesting to see how our new President will handle the economy problems once in office."

The final reader said, "If either of the democratic candidates become president, there won't be a normal. Neither candidate has the experience, or moral fortitude to be the leader of this country. While I don't particularly favor the Republican candidate, I believe it would be the lesser of two evils. By their voting records, both democratic candidates show their indecisiveness on foreign policy. The only common ground they come to is on Iraq. Ask anyone who has served over there and they will tell you that a speedy withdrawal will spell doom for the Iraqi people and show weakness in the eyes of the world community inviting another attack on this country."

The Times' current poll pertains to the upcoming county political forum.

The Times is asking its readers, "Do you plan on attending the Clay County 2008 Political Forum on April 16?"

Readers have four options to choose from, including:

* Absolutely. I look forward to hearing what the candidates have to say,

* I might attend, but it's doubtful,

* I have no interest in politics so I will not be attending, and

* It doesn't matter to me who gets elected. I don't vote.

As always, readers have the option of leaving comments regarding the poll question.

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