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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

It's Spring Again!

It comes again, the blessed spring,

And life revives anew;

Our dormant spirits rise to sing;

The sunny skies are blue!

We hail the time of brighter days,

When wintry storms are past;

When birds their cheery carols raise,

And spring is here at last.

It seemed the time would never come,

Mid-winter's snow and cold,

When busy bees again would hum,

And dainty flowers unfold.

The blust'ry days of March roll by--

But April comes, and thenů

With deep relief, we heave a sigh:

It's happy spring again!

Cecilia M. Tyne

Spring, spring, Grandma, oh, sweet springtime. Now we can walk to your house on Sunday soon and you can come to ours some afternoon. We can pick violets and spring weeds we eat. You can watch us fly the newspaper kites that Johnny made. You can see all of the bunny girls and their new babies and my report card. Love, Mary Lou. X O X O


That short letter was written to Edith Green Siner, my maternal grandmother, posted and sent to Hadleytown, sixty- two years ago. Grandma didn't answer my letter, in writing, but she read it and touched upon all of the above shortly thereafter and; I remember her visits, clearly and fondly!

The other day we passed the picturesque Victorian home of a special mentor and longtime friend of mine, the late Miss Harriet Ellen Hicks. I was overwhelmed with sadness. I thought; now her home is just a cold house. Then, in that brief instance, something caught my eye and warm happy thoughts of her ran rampant in my head. I spotted the hardiest of spring flowers (crocuses) blooming in her spacious yard and more; lilies were peeking out of the rich earth thereabouts. Somehow I felt like she was there with me admiring the landscape, as well.

I brought to mind the contents of our lengthy phone conversations. We covered everything from soup to nuts. There was no room for lulls when we conversed. She read Brazil Buzz and commented favorably, a plus for her former student. I learned a lot about her.

My beloved former English teacher spoke highly of her folks. Her father, Harvey Hicks, used his spare time wisely. He was a master landscaper/gardener from the old school. No fancy hybrid nursery stock for him. All he needed was a bucket and a shovel and God's good grace.

It was a comfort for her to see that the family's prized perennials, woodland plants, trees, and shrubs continued to withstand the tests of time. She appreciated those planting seasons that she once knew year after year when the sleeping beauties awoke and renewed. I think that she enjoyed springtime most of all.

Both, my grandmother and Miss Hicks were special people in my life. They taught me a myriad of things, but most of all they encouraged me to value God's gifts. I loved and respected the lady's for all that they were and are--beautiful angels.

Sunday, April 6 is Paul's birthday. Our eldest daughter, Starla McHugh will be in town to help us celebrate the occasion. I may bake him a round two- layer cake. Then again, a 13x9 may accommodate the candles better.

Tomorrow my niece, Diane Harris is bringing me two pairs of beautiful healthy finch. I am so excited!

I might name one of the males Paul Baby, just because. Paul can name the mate! The other pair will become Hillary and Barack. I need to hear some chattering when I'm alone. Could be, they will be making a lot of noise: silly bantering back and forth and double talk only fit for the birds. If that gets too hot and heavy, I could be thinking that an older wiser bird might work out better! Just kidding.

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