Letter to the Editor

School Board candidate offers introduction to public

Sunday, April 6, 2008

To the Editor:

My name is Holly Neil and I would like to ask for the support of the voters of District 2 for the school board race.

I have a degree in Special Education and have been employed in public and private schools in Clay County for close to 20 years. I am the mother of two children who are enrolled in school here.

I feel that my experience as a mother, taxpayer and former employee gives me a unique and well-rounded insight into what it takes to educate our students.

There are two main issues I feel need to be addressed and implemented by our community. The first being the remodeling project.

The safety of our students is not something we can jeopardize.

Students walking outside of the main building to attend classes is not acceptable.

The lack of secure entry into any of our schools is a very serious problem. I have attended and spoken at board meetings concerning these issues.

The second issue I would like to see addressed is getting a law enforcement presence in all of our schools. I have read about potential outside funding sources for this purpose. This added security could be provided to our students at no additional cost to the taxpayer.

I want to be a part of a school board that is ready to bring our schools up to the standards that will attract business to our area. I want our children to be ready to face the future with a solid educational background. I want what is best for my children as well as yours.

Holly Neil,