Letter to the Editor

Coroner candidate offers public introduction

Sunday, April 6, 2008

To the Editor:

My name is Joel R. Reinoehl and I would like to take a few minutes to explain my reasons and qualifications for my candidacy to be Clay County's next Coroner. The position of coroner is one that most people don't think about until it is needed. As a licensed funeral director for 19 years, the last four with French, Lawson-Miller and Schoppenhorst Funeral Homes, I have worked with coroners from several different counties, including more than 10 years in Marion County. It has long been my goal to one day be coroner, and at this time in my life, I feel I am qualified and ready to be your next coroner. In Clay County, we only hope that death investigations are few and far between, but when these types of deaths occur, a qualified coroner is the heart of the investigation.

Using information from city, county and state law enforcement, and a qualified pathologist, it is the job of the coroner to combine the resources of these agencies to determine a qualified decision as the cause of death. My many years as a funeral director, along with more than 40 hours classroom studies to become a Certified Medicolegal Death Investigator, which is a requirement in Indiana to be coroner, qualifies me to be your next coroner.

My hope, if elected, is to use my experience as Deputy Coroner and the resources set in place to make a smooth transition to keep the Coroner's Office running efficiently. With your help of a vote, I promise to fulfill the duty of coroner, to help protect the citizens of Clay County and make swift but thorough investigations to keep those families involved from a long and drawn out investigation. Thanks to all of Clay County in advance for your vote on election day.

Joel Reinoehl,