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Harmony Happenings

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Clay County Retired Teachers will have a meeting and chili supper on April 29 in the Riddell National Bank basement. I don't know the exact time. Various people have been asked to bring soup, crackers, and finger foods. Members can purchase tickets for various prizes. Money raised will go for future retired teacher activities.

Retired teachers are encouraged to write down their volunteer hours and each local group adds up their total. It is amazing the amount of hours this group spends giving of their time and experiences in the community.

I still did not get to go painting at the Senior Center this Tuesday. My plans were interrupted by a trip to get supplies for the guys working at my house that day. They needed me to pick up an item that necessitated a trip to Terre Haute. Things at our house have been very busy lately. I am in need of a nice morning of painting pictures and forgetting everything else.

While you are reading this, I am probably headed south on Highway 231, then west to Montgomery, to have lunch with old friends. We are meeting at the Amish restaurant Der Deutsch Gasthoff. When we first starting frequenting the eating establishment, it looked like a bare boards old barn and had a small antique shop on the upper level. It has now turned into a village. It has been a couple of years since we were there but it had grown to include a building for antiques, another for crafts, a gazebo, hotel, and covered open-air buildings for weekly flea markets.

I always enjoy driving through that area and looking at the beautiful Amish farms. My Envoy usually manages to find Washington and Loogootee, too. Denny has placed an order for goodies from the bakery. The must stops include the lady that grows mums, the fabric shop, numerous antique shops, the fruit stand, and the Bradfield's nursery north of Washington.

It is a little early in the season and the weather may not cooperate. We will have fun as long as the creek doesn't rise too much. Highway 257 between Washington and Otwell has been closed for weeks due to high water. I know not to try that route. Hopefully, all the other roads will be in good shape.

While we have suffered through some two-inch rains, my friends from down south have had seven inches of wet and soggy.

Our garage sale went well last week. Sister-in-law Eva Trout Roach and I are finishing cleaning out the sale remnants from her mom's garage. Kate Trout put her Pinckley Street home up for sale this week and the realtors are planning an open house for this Sunday. We have a lot of good memories at that house.

Really lousy ballplayers hit softballs in the backyard and ran to make shift bases. The badminton players were no better. With our combined knowledge of sports, we were probably trying to find the bases in that game, too. We ate many meals at that kitchen dinette before heading to the living room floor to spread out our college art projects. We'd work until the wee hours. Eva Kay and I always finished our projects at the last minute and carried them to class with the glue still wet. We'd pile them into her parents Buick and hope we didn't get railroaded on the way to class. Kate tolerated our paint smears and snack smudges on the carpet. Tiger, the cat, considered our masterpieces good ramps to other soft surfaces. Memories.

When I finally got my cap and gown for ISU graduation, I jumped on my bike, barefoot, with robe flowing, and headed over to Mama Kate to show off. Kate took movies to immortalize the event. Those are still good for a laugh. It is really hard to look like a dignified college graduate when you are barefooted, wearing your cap and gown, and riding a bicycle that has no seat. More memories. It will be sad to see that house go out of the family but it, and the four acres, are a lot of maintenance.

There is a For Sale sign on the Davis house on our street, too. We have such good neighbors here on Jackson Street and hope that whoever purchases the house will be good neighbors, too.

Happy April Birthday to Becky Clausen and Iain McCoy (10th), David Brinson (14th), Good Neighbor Virginia Mathis (15th), Dan Dierdorf (15th), Kathleen Sanders (17th), Jason Pell (20th), Erie Bell (22nd), Gail Weaver (27th), Mitch Maurer (28th)and Damien Tackett (29th). Happy Belated Birthday to Dayden Green. Happy Anniversary to Mr. & Mrs. Warren Bell.

Area Calendar:

April 29 -- Clay Community Retired Teachers Meeting & Chili Supper, Riddell Bank

Harmony United Methodist Calendar:

April 13 -- Worship Service 9 a.m., Sunday School 10:45 a.m.

April 16-- Clay County Quilters 9 a.m. -- 3 p.m.