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Monday, May 2, 2016

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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Well folks, I told you last week about the finch that came to live in the little blue house at the end of the road. Boy, they sure are interesting. Hillary and Barack settled right in and began swapping barbs. Young Paul Baby and his honey (yet to be named) just sit on their perch and watch Hillary and Barack pole dance.

At night, both pair crowds in the same bed like one big happy bird brainy family. I lower the curtain for another day and hope that Hillary will lay an egg real soon. I am sure that would thrill Barack and me too!

This is the time of year that I search for marbles on this old place. My granddaughter, Sarah Rebecca Cory will inherit my vintage findings when my days are done, as per her request.

When I was a kid, we owned several bags of marbles of every shape and size. We searched these grounds for strays that surface, very much like I do today.

My brother and his friends that lived in Stringtown and thereabouts were quite good at the game and very possessive of the colorful glass balls. I think that they thought that the sidewalk superintendent wouldn't know how to handle them. Every time I tried to elbow my way into the game, Brother kept saying, "Have you lost your marbles?" Imagine that I kept them inside a little muslin drawstring bag tied to my belt, polished and always user friendly and ready for action, at a moment's notice.

When John Wayne and his buddies shot marbles they ignored me. As soon as the games were over and the boys hopped on their bikes and headed up Elm Street. My big brother would pretend to be apologetic and invite me to try out the thumb on my left hand. He handed me his favorite taw!

I don't know why he shook his head so much when I wanted to be one of the boys for a little while. Johnny did mention something about the stork dropping me on a rock once.

The tiny treasures are resting in my big pretty glass jar, that of which includes: Boulders (oversized), tiny Pee Wee, Puree (transparent), Coilee (spiral), Steelie (solid steel), Cat Eyes (floating mass), Aggies and Doughboys (made of clay).

No collection would be complete without the shooter. It is my good fortunate to have two shooters and a half, the main marbles of the lot in Sarah's future keepsake container. I threw in a large ball bearing and a porcelain head of a swan in it, to sweeten the pot.

I bet you didn't know Johnson's Pledge adds a sparkle to old marbles, especially, hand-me downs, with a history.

I would try them out and give my arthritic thumb a workout, but; these days grass stain and damp earth only visits my knees when I fall down accidentally. Besides what if I got down and then couldn't get up?

Too bad I can't take them with me. I might run into Johnny and his buddies.

My sweet little conservative husband came home one day last month and announced that he was thinking about dressing up his ear lobe a bit. He wanted my opinion, even though…! I thought to myself; that old former ex- sailor boy passed up tattoos, while all of his buddies looked like Lydia the tattooed lady; not a drop of ink out of place.

Paul pointed out that our grandsons wear sizable diamond studs in their lobes. He went on to say that some of the guys at Sears have them as well. I said why not and off we went to get her done.

Be careful if you pass him on the street. The pinhead -sized stone may put your eye out. In the meantime match his broad smile and regardless of whether you like it or not, give him a thumbs up. I did! Now, I am just wondering where to locate my rose. OH NO! What am I thinking?

It's time for me to fill the table with good eats and pour some coffee, before it's time to clean and turn the new stud for him.

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