Letter to the Editor

Reader offers tips for city officials

Sunday, April 13, 2008

To the Editor:

Food for thought for the administration and the citizens of Brazil. Enforcement of a 1931 ordinance about signs on the sidewalks during business hours? What about spending time and resources on important things?

* Unsafe sidewalks built during World War II,

* Unsafe water tower,

* City streets with potholes big enough to bury a car,

* Public Library closed,

* Junk cars and trash in yards,

* Empty buildings falling down,

* Businesses closing, more empty buildings,

* Houses in the city needing torn down and grass planted, and

* On and on and on.

But let's worry about signs on the sidewalks during business hours. Oh, I forgot if the businesses get a "permit" it makes it all right. Plus, the kids won't be able to skate board on the sidewalks safely. Of course, if we had our beautiful Public Library open, they might go read a book.

Robert Decker,