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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Maybe this week's weather will favor the farmers. Last week, I saw very little activity in the fields, as we traveled to Linton and through the countryside thereabouts.

I spotted one tractor in trouble. The Deere's rear axle and wheels were deeply set into muddy soil. A bunch of good old boys were standing around it, shaking their heads, and laughing, with the driver. It was no big deal to them. By the time we were a few feet down the road, no doubt; it all came out in the wash and out of the wash out.

I am pleased that Brazil's skate-park is going to become a reality. Some people think that the sport is something new. Skateboarding has been around since the late 50's. Kids first dismantled their roller skates and attached the steel ball bearing wheels, with the help of a little hardware, to short lengths of 2x4's or any strong board or box that would connect with them. There was no place to go then to hone their boarding skills around here, except on rough surfaced sidewalks, streets, packed dirt roads and parking lots, much as it is today.

In the early 60's my little girls owned a nice second handed homemade skateboard that came to them ready made and a pair of my well-worn old skates. They breathed new life in both. They and their little pals, the Snyder sisters, Paula and Jane Ann and others sailed down our long cement walk through our big front yard and stopped just short of North Alabama Street.

They tumbled off more than once, then checked to see if anyone was looking other than me. The little dare- devils brushed themselves off and played some more. Sometimes first aid was necessary. TLC and refreshments helped. Always, they were amazing. I loved being their mother then and still do!

One day while the little redheads was visiting their grandparent's; I decided to give that skateboard a go. I looked around and didn't see a soul. I don't know why I thought that I had the neighborhood to myself that day. To make a long story short, I approached that little board on wheels thinking monkey see-- monkey do. I gave the unpainted vehicle a little nudge and jumped aboard. I went sailing down that walk, feeling like a pro. The tiny metal wheels caught up with a flaw in its path midway to my destination and; I landed on some bruising in the making. The blood running from cuts and scrapes was already mine to touch and temporarily tend.

I wasn't in so much pain that the tears clouded my vision. I looked across the way and there; directly across from me stood Gerald Evans, nearby his garage on Midland Street. He saw me flip and; he saw the plop down and worse than that --the flop. Imagine that!

I was so embarrassed. Shanks ponies carried me and my red face back to the house faster than it took me to get to the wreck. I even forgot to put the skateboard back where I found it, just because.

Mr. Evans might have found my trip to be amusing and may have been concerned, but I missed his reaction.

So it was; my skateboarding experience was short lived. Would I ever try it again? I don't think skateboarding and my osteoporosis would mesh very well. Besides, the bigger I am the harder I fall. My scales whispered a warning in my ear this morning.

Have fun kids, play by the rules and above all enjoy the springtime of your lives. You'll have wonderful memories someday, after the ball is over!

Don't forget to thank the folks that are working, diligently, to bring you a safe environment to enjoy your skateboards, coast and perform your athletic stunts!

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