Letter to the Editor

Don't try to break into my home

Sunday, May 4, 2008

To the Editor:

To the morons who attempted to gain illegal entry to my home on April 29: First of all, I realize that anyone who is reading this will not be the person who attempted to break into my house.

Those people can't or don't read. They are too busy trying to keep from having to work for a living. I think if they had a job they would have to work a lot less, worry less and generally be happier than when they break the law and try to steal from me. Maybe someone who reads the paper knows this person and will spread the message.

Part II: Think before you try it. This is good advice. A person has no idea what lays in wait for their misdeeds. They could break in on an innocent family who is protected by a lawful gun owner, oops.

Or they could break into a soldiers' home, a soldier who knows exactly what to do and is more than willing to oblige. Or they could break in on an unsuspecting helpless person of one sort or another and something could go very wrong.

Now those folks are hurt or worse. The stakes just went up.

All are bad outcomes. Nobody gains a thing. If you are successful (in your way) you get a small, temporary reward then you have to look over your shoulder for a long time. People talk, brag, etc.

Little secrets come out then we have you. Rest assured I have the will, the means and the law on my side. I have good neighbors and family close by. If you want to be the rusty nail, I will be the hammer.

Michael W. Galloway,

homeowner, Veteran and all around motivated person,