Letter to the Editor

Reader pleased with opening of library

Sunday, May 4, 2008

To the Editor:

They say patience is a virtue. I remembered that as I, along with many Clay Countians, were joyful when the Brazil Public Library had its opening to the public April 27.

I couldn't imagine the coincidence blend between the older and new section of the newly combined structure. You can feel the blending of the past and present in there, promising better hope for the future by coming to the library using its services.

The friendly, helpful staff I was eager to see. They have helped me come into the present by using a computer replacing endless encyclopedias. And one could tell the newly reopened structure is the "apple of her eye" to head director Jill Scarbrough. Her hard work, along with the library staff blended the day into perfection. And I am thankful for the beautiful quilt rack given by Friends of the Library. I will proudly display Grandma Harbule and Krampe's quilt on it.

I did get a little sad, though, when I went downstairs. The small little room where the magazine back issues were stored was gone. I spent hours reading through them -- "Life," "Looks," "National Geographic," when I was a boy. Also, I missed the little reference book room off to the east side on the main floor.

But as I become older, more to do, and time is of the value. I am glad to look into the new and refurbished reference area and computer lab. Information needed is more quicker here and it was worth the way.

David Harbule Krampe,