Perspective: Building from the ground up

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Close to one year ago, The Brazil Times went through some changes.

The Times updated the look of the newspaper.

The paper also updated the look of its website.

After close to one year, we were wondering, what do you think of the website?

There are many things available on the site.

Those who have access to the Internet can read stories online. They can also see photographs, vote on online polls, participate in commenting, read blogs, etc.

And that's what this column is about.


We're looking for people in the community with a genuine interest in blogging.

We currently have a handful of bloggers online who are very interested in giving their opinion regarding a plethora of subjects.

The beauty of blogging is those who do write can write about what ever they are thinking about.

For example, when The Times updated its website, staff members began writing blogs.

I typically come in Monday morning and just start writing what ever is on my mind.

That's actually quite refreshing. An opportunity to get the thoughts on my mind out there.

Sure, there's always a chance that someone isn't going to agree with what you've written.

But that's another refreshing thing regarding writing.

Everyone has an opinion and everyone has the right to express that opinion.

Isn't America wonderful? We can actually speak out mind and not face consequences for those opinions.

With that in mind, the newspaper is looking for local community residents who are interested in writing blogs.

What's on your mind? Do you want to share it with other readers??Do you want to get that opinion out there and not just leave it at the watering hole?

Let us know if you are interested. We're always looking for a fresh perspective.

That's what this column is called. Perspective.

Give us your perspective.

Tell us what's on your mind.

Community residents who are interested in blogging should call 446-2216, Ext. 231.

All they have to do is sign an agreement.

Then, we get a picture, place on the website and you can start writing.

You can write a blog about that pesky pothole in the front of your house.

You can write a blog about current events.

You can write a blog about how much you love living here in Clay County.

Again, that's the beauty of words. Write what you feel.

Blogs are, after all, opinions. Writing a blog is not much different than writing a column.

So again, let us know if you're interested in blogging for the newspaper.

We are looking for a few good, people.