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Poll: Gas prices pinching residents' wallets

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Like other people across the country, Clay County residents are taking steps to watch the amount of money they spend.

The Brazil Times asked online readers in its latest poll, "With the recent rise in gasoline prices, are you having to watch your wallet a little more?"

The results were unanimous.

Readers were given two options to choose from when voting on the poll, yes or no.

Of the 250 readers that responded to the poll question, 238 (95.2 percent) said they are watching their wallet much more these days. A total of 12 readers (4.8 percent) said they were not.

In addition, 12 readers responded to the poll question.

One reader said, "If anyone says no to this question, then they're not effected, caused they are the wealthy ones."

Another reader stated, "Are you kidding? There is nothing left in the wallet and I am not kidding. I have never been this broke in all of my 65 years."

Another reader stated, "It's not only gasoline, but everything else. I thought when I got my job that I would be able to help my husband with the bills. He's now had a heart attack and was off work for three months and we're not any better than we were before. Medicine, groceries, fuel, it's killing us. When the fuel companies are looking at their fat wallets, I wonder if they even stop to thank us for making them rich."

The current Brazil Times' online poll deals with the 2008 presidential election.

Recently, several analysts and politicians have called for Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) to drop out of the race after winning the Indiana primary but losing in North Carolina May 6.

The Times' is asking its readers, "Should Sen. Hillary Clinton step away from the Democratic presidential race?"

Readers have three options to choose from regarding the poll, including:

* Yes. It's time for her to end her run,

* No. She can keep going as long as she wants, or

* It doesn't matter. John McCain will win anyway.

As always, readers have the opportunity to leave comments regarding the poll question.

Poll info


With the recent rise in gasoline prices, are you having to watch your wallet a little more?


* Yes -- 238 voters (95.2 percent),

* No -- 12 voters (4.8 percent)

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