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Readers want Clinton to keep going

Monday, May 19, 2008

Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY)?listens to Terre Haute residents while at the Saratoga Restaurant in March. Times Staff File Photo.
Several residents managed to voice their opinion regarding the latest Brazil Times' online poll.

More than 450 readers voted in the latest poll. The Times recently asked its readers if Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) should step away from the Democratic presidential race.

Readers were given three options to choose from, including:

* Yes. It's time for her to end her run,

* No. She can keep going as long as she wants, or

* It doesn't matter. John McCain will win anyway.

Of the 488 readers that responded, 236 (48.4 percent) said Clinton had every right to continue in the campaign run.

A total of 161 readers (33 percent) said it was time for Clinton to end her run while 91 readers (18.6 percent) said it didn't matter because McCain would win the nomination in November.

A total of 12 readers also responded to the poll.

One reader stated, "Hillary has more experience in politics and needs to be the next president," while another reader said, "I give her credit. She is a strong lady. I believe it will go the other way."

Another reader said, "I think she is very bitter about losing this nomination to (Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill.), that she somehow thought she was 'entitled' to it due to her being married to Bill (Clinton) or whatever. To me, she is seething with resentment and anger. Almost like a small child who has been spoiled all of her life and then is told that she can't have something that she desperately wants and goes into a rage and throws a tantrum to try and get it anyway. She seems very immature about this and not in control of her emotions about and, consequently, is definitely not someone that I would want leading our country. I don't think she has a chance to get the nomination but if she does, somehow, pull it off, I definitely will not be voting for her in the general election. I'm not a big John McCain fan, but I would definitely vote for him over her if that's what it came down too."

In addition, an admitted Republican said, "While I am a Republican, no one should give up, even if the score has said they have not won."

The current Times' online poll deals with the intersection at Kennedy's Crossing Road and CR 950 N.

The poll reads, "Should the Clay County Commissioners consider the Kennedy's Crossing proposal brought forth by students at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology?"

Readers have two options to choose from, including:

* Yes. The intersection needs fixed, or

* No. They should look into other options.

Stay in the race


Should Sen. Hillary Clinton step away from the Democratic presidential race?


* No. She can keep going as long as she wants -- 236 votes (48.4 percent)

* Yes. It's time for her to end her run -- 161 votes (33 percent)

* It doesn't matter. John McCain will win anyway -- 91 votes (18.6 percent)

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