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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Brazil Buzz

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Today I'm letting the sunshine in, and more. I am wearing it with a grin. I'm not exactly on top of the yard work, but I am lumbering in the right direction. As for a break in the wet weather, I am grateful. Fact is I can't think of one thing to gripe about! This is my kind of day!

One of my faithful readers, a nice lady and great conversationalist, remarked that last week's "Brazil Buzz" led her to think that I wasn't my usual happy self. She was right in assuming that. Last Sunday was Mother's Day and that sometimes decides my mood. I miss my late mother and mother-in-law. My children live miles away and Paul was at work. I have always tried to keep what sometimes happens below the surface to stay there, but reality is, every once in a while I suffer a mild heart attack and you chart my vital signs. Then, I use the results of your reports, constructively.

When chores need to be done and the rain blocks my path that is bothersome to me, also.

Last week's gas shortage was a lot to do about nothing, but, after his read of the column, one of my readers, the one that I have lived with over 50 years, filled two cans to the hilt and delivered them to me along with a generous grin.

So you see, sometimes it pays off when a girl mentions her needs and as for me. I was grinning, ear-to-ear, showing every tooth remaining in my mouth.

When "Sweet Pea" does me a favor, I always ask, what do I owe you? He thought about his good deed a brief moment and spouted, "How about a batch of oatmeal cookies or a strawberry / rhubarb pie like you baked last week? I need a haircut too and etc." Boy that gas sure was overly expensive in more ways than one!

I was so grateful to be able to juice up that mowing machine and get her done that I did all of the above, gladly!

The haircut was a good one. I didn't screw up the piercing and I left a few gray hairs.

The pie was perfect and delicious, but those darn oatmeal cookies that I threw together and baked while Paul and I caught up with the morning news sure weren't fit for presentation. They weren't even nice enough to bag up and send to Sears. Folks there frown on crummy stuff.

I've depended on the same recipe since the onset of my marriage, all those years ago. Where now did I go wrong? Could it have been that I eliminated almost all of the flour from the recipe? Did CNN News have a hand in messing with the dough in that bowl?

George Bush was on the screen touching on the milk that he spilled and doesn't know how to clean up. Our president could have been responsible for my failure to properly measure the buttermilk.

However, there is a use for my pile of delicious crumbs. Tonight, I will mold them into a pie crust and add homemade vanilla cream filling, then, chill our dessert.

Paul will be so happy about that and we will be even until one of us asks the other for the next favor!

That boy loves his sweets and I aim to please, within limits, for health-sake for goodness sake!

Some of you know that I enjoy writing poetry. Often this lover of nature writes pastorals about wildlife that I observe as I move about in this country setting that I call home. The woods are full of life! Day and night there is movement in my space. I am familiar with most animals that habitat in this area and have learned about life cycles, breeding, parenting, eating habits, as well as, housing choices and more in my field work. Oftentimes I am inspired to write about them.

Friday I offered up some red delicious apples from a bag, those of which were showing signs of deterioration. I knew my woodland friends were out there waiting for a handout and the fruit would be consumed in a short time.

After a couple of hours, I went back to check on the response to my good deed, hoping to catch a glimpse of "Mother Rabbit" or a pesky squirrel gnawing on the fat of the feed. What I saw baffled me at first sighting. The animal stood in the path beside the remaining apple and looked at me for a moment and then he or she ran into the undergrowth nearby.

Folks, I strongly believe, it would be safe to say that a badger and I made eye contact. Everything I have ever known about them fit right down to sharp looking claws. I am glad that that he didn't feel like bullying this bearer of bad apples.

I could be wrong, but my brother-in-law Roy Sartor said one such animal was killed on the highway located in Sullivan County. The game warden identified it to be a badger. Those law enforcement officers are well informed in that regard.

What do you think was interested that fast snack in its path? Gee, I should have pitched him a few crumbles of my cookies.

Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Modesitt, good people and long-time friends!

I can be reached at 446- 4852 or drop me a line to 613 North Elm St., Brazil, 47834 or by e-mail at pmlsartor@aol.com.