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Hollingsworth claims sprint car victory at Lincoln Park Speedway

Monday, May 26, 2008

Shane Hollingsworth three-wheels into turn three at LPS?on the way to a sprint car victory.

Times Sports Editor

PUTNAMVILLE -- Memorial Day weekend is obviously time to honor those who have and are serving their country to keep our freedom safe. In the state of Indiana, it's also a great time for racing.

Saturday at Lincoln Park Speedway was another great chapter in what has already become one of the best season's of competition in recent memory.

Thirty-three sprint cars unloaded at the Putnamville oval with designs on grabbing the winner's share.

With work going into the track during the middle stages of the program to make sure the racing surface was in top shape for the features, fans weren't to be disappointed.

Kenny Carmichael Sr., Hud Cone and Shawn Krockenberger took heat wins and earned spots at the front of the A-Main with Bret Mellenberndt putting on a dominating B-main performance to make the show.

Troy Clark bested the super stock competition at Lincoln Park Speedway to take home a $600 payday for the first Battle of the Super Stock (BOSS) feature win of the season.
Carmichael held a tentative lead over a wild opening set of laps with three-wide racing going on throughout the lineup.

The Terre Haute-based driver held a narrow lead in a fierce battle with Cone and a rapidly closing Shane Hollingsworth.

Cone and Carmichael put on quite a show for the fans during the first laps, swapping spots in side-by-side action. Hollingsworth then amped that show to another level when he joined the fray in a tremendous show of three-wide skill between the sprint veterans.

Cone dove to the low groove with Carmichael flying high around the rim. Cone grabbed an edge up front with Hollingsworth chasing Carmichael down in turn three to grab the second spot.

A slide job battle amongst the top three kept the fans on the edge of their seats as Carmichael took second away from Cone for several laps.

Danny Holtsclaw moved up from his eighth spot to assume fourth place ahead of Bloomington's Jon Siscoe when a caution came out midway through the feature.

On the restart, Dickie Gaines had charged into a sixth place spot ahead of Krockenberger and Mellenberndt.

Hollingsworth came out of a three-wide duel to take over the lead late in the main event with Cone trying to stay close ahead of Carmichael. However, Gaines was able to overtake Carmichael late in the race.

In the final laps, Hollingsworth cruised out to an advantage leaving Cone, Gaines and Siscoe to battle it out for second. Cone would maintain his runner-up spot across the finish line ahead of Gaines, Siscoe and Holtsclaw. Mellenberndt was sixth in a great run from the last chance race followed by Cummins and Carmichael Sr. followed by Krockenberger and Joss Moffatt in the top-10.

Hollingsworth's win in the Competition Welding, Indy Raceparts, Spike Products, Weld and Hoosier Tire sponsored ride was his first of the season at LPS and pushed him into a points lead ahead of Kent Christian.

The first Battle of the Super Stocks (BOSS) series race took place at Lincoln Park Saturday night and didn't disappoint.

Many of the Indiana's top UMP points men arrived to battle for $650 to win plus bonus cash and points.

Mike Cawood, Curt Leonard and Joe Whisler each won heat races with Travis Howe taking the B-Main.

The nation's top points man, Chris Hillman, came in on a three-race win streak at Lincoln Park, but would have to start back in 14th for the feature after a fifth in his heat race. But you can never count out the Mooresville competitor.

Whisler got the point to start the feature with Kenny Carmichael Jr. alongside him.

On the green flag, Whisler held the early lead, but had Troy Clark right at his side.

Slick Griffin and David Bumgardner had their own skirmish going on right behind them along with Hillman, Kris Starks and Curt Leonard.

Clark's slide job low in turn four finally stuck for him to grab a tentative lead, but Whisler stayed close along with Griffin and Hillman.

But the night was ready to get a bit scary for Griffin whose throttle stuck coming through turn three leading him to fly up over turn four's banking and into the catch fence, which finally halted the car's momentum.

The incident brought out the red flag while officials worked to pull his car from the fencing. Luckily Griffin was okay and no injuries were reported.

Starks had some mechanical woes as well, sending him to the pits with 12 laps remaining following the stoppage.

When the green flew once again, Whisler had one more run at Clark, but couldn't get the advantage. Mike Cawood advanced into a fight for third with Hillman and would eventually take the third spot behind Whisler. Bumgardner stayed in fifth place ahead of Carmichael, Nathan Patman, Bradley Sterrett came from the back for eighth ahead of Joe Starks and Marty Cooper in the top-10.

Clark's win was powered by Hearche Performance Engines and Weedan Street and Performance along with Hill's Historic Pantries, Mike Bechelli Racing Products and Tupperware New Rainbow Sales along with Mike's Repair Plus.

Hillman won a $50 bonus for the Hard Charger award from Carey Fox Photos and T.J. Wright got the Hard Luck Award for $25.

The next BOSS race will be for $600 to win at Bloomington Speedway on June 20 sponsored by Dixie Chopper, Superior Systems Inc., Franklin Racecars, Hoosier Towing and Carey Fox photos.

In the UMP Modified feature, Daryl Herbert overtook early leader, Phil VanSant with a pass at the bottom out of turn four and was able to maintain that advantage for his first LPS win of the year.

The Tate Racing Engine, Curtis Garage and Towing sponsored mod held on to the victory ahead of Kenny Carmichael Sr. and VanSant.

Ray Humphrey, starting from the back after an early spin involving Chris Brewer, charged all the way back up to take a fourth place spot ahead of Matt Bex and Travis Shoulders.

Shoulders edged out Clint DeMoss, Mark Auler and Harry Shepherd in 10th place.

In the bomber main, Lloyd Walls advanced from his seventh starting spot and made a pass on the bottom past Dustin Shoulders to get the victory in his RP Productions Custom Cabinet, Kerr Racing Engine, Maher Contracting, Carmichael's Exhaust, B&R Auto Sales, Dr. Steven Black sponsored machine.

Last week's winner, C.J. Bryan raced to a second place finish ahead of Shoulders, Ryan Freeland and David Wallen. Brazil native, Ron Wallen Jr. led seventh place finisher, Ron Smith, across the line with David Bumgardner, Gary Long and Kevin Kemp.

The first-annual Little Feet Challenge bicycle race was also contested on Saturday with Seth Pfaff of Cloverdale winning the race for ages 6-8, Andrew Auler taking the 9-11 age group event and Jacob Cleasley of Cloverdale winning the age 12-14 race.

Next Saturday will be "Salute to Crawfordsville Night" with residents with state-issued ID getting $2 off admission for the show including sprints, modifieds, super stocks and bombers.

Sprint feature

1. Shane Hollingsworth, 2. Hud Cone, 3. Dickie Gaines, 4. Jon Siscoe, 5. Danny Holtsclaw, 6. Bret Mellenberndt, 7. Kyle Cummins, 8. Kenny Carmichael Sr., 9. Shawn Krockenberger, 10. Joss Moffatt, 11. Bobby Stines, 12. Todd Kimmell, 13. Shain Matthews, 14. Kenny Niflish, 15. Jesse Cramer, 16. Kent Christian, 17. Stephanie Tuttle, 18. Kevin Thomas Jr. 19. J.T. Imperial, 20. Kenny Carmichael Jr.

B-main winner:

1. Bret Mellenberndt, 2. Christian, 3. Matthews, 4. Kimmell, 5. Niflis, 6. Link, 7. Smith, 8. Hendrick, 9. Deckard, 10. K.Krockenberger, 11. Davenport, 12. Nieft Jr., 13. L.Hayden, 14. Pollock, 15. E.Krockenberger, 16. Burns, 17. Vaughn, 18. D.Krockenberger

Heat One

1. Kenny Carmichael Sr., 2. Bobby Stines, 3. Kyle Cummins, 4. Joss Moffatt, 5. Dickie Gaines, 6. Bret Mellenberndt, 7. Rick Vaughn, 8. Jonathan Hendrick, 9. Eric Krockenberger, 10. Mark Nieft Jr., 11. Kyle Krockenberger

Heat Two

1. Hud Cone, 2. Jesse Cramer, 3. Danny Holtsclaw, 4. Kevin Thomas Jr., 5. Kenny Carmichael Jr., 6. Kent Christian, 7. Eric Smith, 8. Shain Matthews, 9. Chad Davenport, 10. Danny Pollock, 11. Lance Hayden

Heat Three

1. Shawn Krockenberger, 2. Shane Hollingsworth, 3. J.T. Imperial, 4. Jon Siscoe, 5. Stephanie Tuttle, 6. Kenny Niflis, 7. Troy Link, 8. Ty Deckard, 9. Todd Kimmell, 10. Eric Burns, 11. Daren Krockenberger

UMP Modified Feature

1. Daryl Herbert, 2. Kenny Carmichael Sr., 3. Phil VanSant, 4. Ray Humphrey, 5. Matt Bex, 6. Travis Shoulders, 7. Clint DeMoss, 8. Mark Auler, 9. Harry Shepherd, 10. Michael Sterrett, 11. Tony Helton, 12. Wayne Cooper, 13. Brian Kempf, 14. Robert Albright, 15. Jeff Pfaff, 16. Gary Hall, 17. Doug Bryan Jr., 18. Jaymie Turner, 19. Jared Hix, 20. Chris Brewer, 21. Paul Bumgardner

Heat One

1. Travis Shoulders, 2. Mark Auler, 3. Clint DeMoss, 4. Kenny Carmichael Sr., 5. Jared Hix, 6. Ray Humphrey, 7. Harry Shepherd, 8. Wayne Cooper, 9. Tony Helton, 10. Brian Kempf

Heat Two

1. Matt Bex, 2. Phil VanSant, 3. Paul Bumgardner, 4. Daryl Herbert, 5. Gary Hall, 6. Michael Sterrett, 7. Chris Brewer, 8. Jaymie Turner, 9. Doug Bryant Jr., 10. Robert Albright

Super Stock feature

BOSS Series event

1. Troy Clark, 2. Joe Whisler, 3. Mike Cawood, 4. Chris Hillman, 5. David Bumgardner, 6. Kenny Carmichael Jr. 7. Nathan Patman, 8. Bradley Sterrett, 9. Joe Starks, 10. Marty Cooper, 11. Curt Leonard, 12. Travis Howe, 13. Travis Heramb, 14. Steve Hollars, 15. Clayton Perry, 16. Joe Jeffries, 17. Slick Griffin, 18. Kris Starks, 19. Scott Harrington, 20. Winston Howe

B-main feature

1. Travis Howe, 2. Bradley Sterrett, 3. Joe Starks, 4. Marty Cooper, 5. Joe Jeffries, 6. Jeff Bell, 7. Bob Sample, 8. Elijah Himinger, 9. T.J. Wright, 10. Ked Hollars Jr., 11. Doug McCullough, 12. Ron Smith, 13. David Brewer, 14. Derek Doub, 15. Michael Beatty, 16. Cullen Goodman

Heat one

1. Mike Cawood, 2. Kenny Carmichael Jr., 3. Slick Griffin, 4. Nathan Patman, 5. Scott Carrington, 6. Travis Howe, 7. Ron Smith, 8. David Brewer, 9. Marty Cooper, 10. Elijah Himinger, 11. Jeff Bell

Heat Two

1. Curt Leonard, 2. Troy Clark, 3. Kris Starks, 4. Clayton Perry, 5. Chris Hillman, 6. Doug McCullough, 7. Joe Starks, 8. Joe Jeffries, 9. Derek Doub, 10. Cullen Goodman

Heat Three

1. Joe Whisler, 2. David Bumgardner, 3. Winston Howe, 4. Travis Heramb, 5. Steve Hollars, 6. Bradley Sterrett, 7. Bob Sample, 8. Ked Hollars Jr., 9. T.J. Wright, 10. Michael Beatty

Bomber Feature

1. Lloyd Walls, 2. C.J. Bryan, 3. Dustin Shoulders, 4. Ryand Freeland, 5. David Wallen, 6. Ron Wallen Jr., 7. Ron Smith, 8. David Bumgardner II, 9. Gary Long, 10. Kevin Kemp, 11. Michael Thompson, 12. Sean Yakel, 13. Marc Yakel, 14. Bill Wells, 15. Mike Duncan, 16. Ronald Blake, 17. Dallas King, 18. Greg Riser, 19. Cullen Sandusky, 20. Harry Shepherd, 21. David Daniels

Heat One

1. C.J. Bryan, 2. Sean Yakel, 3. Ron Smith, 4. Dustin Shoulders, 5. Dallas King, 6. Gary Long, 7. Marc Yakel, 8. Mike Duncan, 9. Ronald Blake, 10. David Bumgardner II, 11. David Daniels

Heat Two

1. Kevin Kemp, 2. David Wallen, 3. Greg Riser, 4. Ryan Freeland, 5. Lloyd Walls, 6. Bill Wells, 7. Ron Wallen Jr., 8. Michael Thompson, 9. Cullen Sandusky, 10. Harry Shepherd

First Annual Little Feet Challenge

Bicycle Race

Ages 6-8: Seth Pfaff (Cloverdale)

Ages 9-11: Andrew Auler (T.H. Haute)

Ages: 12-14: Jacob Cleasby (Cloverdale)

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