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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The lawn equipment is chilling out in the garage. Finally, I am on top of the mowing and trimming for a few days. Now we can finish planting our garden. The one that we, no doubt, will share; many deer frequently forage for food here, as well as other hungry critters. We set a fine table for them, even though some do more than nibble.

The birds and I go round and round when the cherries ripen in June. The year before last, I was well satisfied with the harvest. The fruit was plentiful and the pies delicious. Then last year the birds cleaned the trees for me when my back was turned, during the busy time following Paul's knee surgery. We settled for canned cherries, picked, pitted, and packed in Oregon- and fewer pies.

I suppose those birds of a feather will flock together again this year and steal me blind. First, if I'm lucky, I will observe them in the act, harvest as many of the tart beauties that I can get my hands on and then; bend the rules. I truly love birds.

This week my pair of celebrity finch, Hillary, and Barack, became parents to homely triplets, yet to be named.

The bantering and brief courtship paid off. Mother and the little forever-hungry wide mouthed Finch kids are doing well.

And, in the other corner, the zebra finch couple, Paul and Miss Innocent have three eggs and a happy song.

I am thinking; after this, these guys and gals must cool it for a while. Big families can be expensive in these hard times. Besides their caregivers are stuck between a rock and a Bush placement when it comes to human and bird needs this time around. Maybe the young lovers can think about playing the odds again in January.

In 1995, our daughter, Lori Ann Patrick began crafting unique living quarters for our feathered friends, for fun and profit. I was fortunate enough to be gifted with a few.

This week I placed several birdhouses in ideal locations around the place. Large hollowed out gourds, saved back from previous years found space as well.

Hummingbird feeders have been filled with sweet red nectar and birdbaths offer a clean refreshing drink for my back and front yard guests. Even the crows that I treat in the winter months can still find small helpings of the staff of life at the first sound of their beckoning call.

I invite the killdeer to still her plaintive penetrating cry, lift her, so called injured wing, and become more social.

Wild finch and many other beautiful birds partake of the seeds that fill the feeders and are scattered on the ground.

It is all good! The best things in life are free. Simple pleasures sure do matter to me.

Last September our Lori offered up suggestions for her birthday gift. She said that she would like to build more birdhouses.

Paul purchased the needed tools to do so. These birdhouses could use a facelift, but I was thinking…!

Paul informed me that Walt Moore, a local resident, crafts fine birdhouses, picture frames, and other nice things in his woodworking space. If this perks your interest, he lives at 121 E. Forest Acres Dr. You can call Mr. Moore at 446-3111 or reach the birdhouse provider by email @waltinfla222@yahoo.com. It is never too late to make a bird happy that is thinking about nesting now or will be wintering over during harsh weather later.

Today a devastating fire consumed a house in the 1100 block of North Harrison across the field from my little blue house at the end of the road. I believe that it will be classified as a total loss. At this point the occupants of the neither house nor circumstances surrounding the sad happening are unclear to me. I observed it from afar.

When I was a little girl, Dutch and Virginia Clasquin lived there, across from my grandmother, Etta Lynch. I enjoyed talking to them over the fence.

In later years, my aunt, Myrtle Britton moved from Newport into that house to be close to family. I helped her care for her beautifully arranged and nicely chosen home many times in those days.

I admired the carpentry works and other amenities that the skilled hands of Uncle Albert Forman put in place, too. Uncle Charles Burk kept her yard in fine order in those days and Uncle Tom Glenn and her brother, Uncle John Lynch made sure her grocery orders were filled. She loved living, in that house, so close to her home place and nearby, her sisters Jessie and Maxine.

I enjoyed visiting with her grown sons, my cousins, Hugh, Harry, and James, when our paths crossed at her house. Sometimes I broke bread with them.

Today, Memorial Day, I am remembering visits there with my friend of many years, Beverly Rogers Britton, the late wife of Gene Britton.

That older home has known other families before my time and since my aunt hung her hat there. Today, I rebuilt the house, as it once was, if only for a little while, the smoke cleared.

To the owners and/or occupants of the house, I am truly sorry for your loss.

I can be reached at 446-4852 or drop me a line to 613 No.Elm St., 47834 or by email at pmlsartor@aol.com.