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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Harmony Happenings

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Our adoptee from the Humane Shelter officially joined the family on Saturday. She had her surgery and shots on Friday. Lady Pugsley is such a sweetheart. The adoption fee included the surgery and some shots. I still need to check to see which ones she has had. She was also on Frontline Plus until June 16.

Those who are familiar with the flea medicine know the price and how effective it is for house pets. All in all, she was a bargain.

Thanks to the volunteers at the shelter for socializing and caring for the animals. Thanks to all the folks who work to provide for the dogs and cats. Several shelters share animals. If you are looking for a pet and don't find one, they may have a different selection in a week or so. Pets are rotated to other shelters where they may find a home. I didn't find one on the first trip and then found two I wanted on the next trip. Someone please adopt Jenks. He is a big dog but so gentle and lovable.

Lady Pugsley met several members of the family on Sunday when we had a cookout/eat in dinner. She behaved rather well for a newbie. Having had surgery so recently, she was a little slower getting to the door so we had no incidents of her visiting the neighbors. She does very well on the leash but loves to see if she can get past someone at the door. To her, it is a game.

Our new pet's new favorite spot, when not on my best rugs, is in the middle of my lap. She has learned that she can scramble up the foot rest of the recliner and watch her home shows from a higher perch. My rule has always been that critters could not be on the furniture so we have an old blanket for lap sitting time.

Speaking of critters, the Harmony pig went partying. Apparently Pork Rind, the roving pot bellied pig, appeared at a graduation party the other night. He has become quite a celebrity, appearing and disappearing at will. He was smart enough to know he should run when some kids started chasing him.

Pork Rind (sister-in-law Eva says he should be called Waldo) really seems to have been someone's pet that has been lost or turned out. As far as I know, he is harmless and rather a fun little critter. Many people housebreak them and keep them as pets. One school I visited a few years ago had a pet pig. Not many towns have a roving porker for a mascot. Harmony is special in a whole new way. I hope no one hurts him. Keep me posted on pig sightings.

I worked with the great folks at the Health Department on Tuesday. We were so busy that we barely had time to visit but I did get to talk to the new nurse Diane Dierks and my aunt Bell Killion for a little while. Jennifer Lucas and I said a couple of words when we passed by each other. She was very busy in her office, too.

It was a clinic day and kids were coming in for shots, adults for TB tests or tetanus shots. Several people came in to get birth certificates and more requests came in the mail. This is the time of year when folks need records to take cruises or for passports. That and the phone kept me busy.

The Health Department folks are always making plans for new programs or trying to further already established ones.

It is great to have such an asset in the community. Linda Messmer runs an excellent smoking cessation class. Bill Hale is always out in the community checking everything from restaurants to septic tanks.

If you need anything from the Health Department, remember that the office is not in the courthouse. Someone calls almost everyday to see where we are located. The offices are in the medical building, just before you get to the hospital, on the main entrance from Highway 40. The office is in the lower level next to the elevator.

Happy Birthday to Ella Grace London (May 30). Happy June Birthdays to May-gan Mayfield (1st), Rosie Pell and Jan Dixon (10th), Christine Clark (12th). A very special Happy 103rd Birthday to Mazo Modesitt (7th). Happy Anniversaries to Mr. and Mrs. David Shorter (6th) and to Denny and I on the 8th.

Area Calendar:

May 30 - Picnic for Seniors at Forest Park starts at 10:00 a.m.

June 3 -- Harmony Town Council (I think -- did not get time to check) 7:30 at the Community House

Harmony United Methodist Calendar:

June 1 -- Worship Service 9 a.m., Sunday School 10:45 a.m.

June 4 -- Clay County Quilters 9 a.m.-3 p.m.

Sorry I don't have the softball schedule-someone give me a call.