Letter to the Editor

Reader gives praise to local businessman

Sunday, June 8, 2008

To the Editor:

L.T. Clark, a name that anyone 40-years-old or older from Clay County knows.

Go to Wal-Mart and ask anyone there why they should buy a Zebco one over a Johnson reel and they will look at you like you just landed from Mars (Johnson's had lead gears if you wondered).

Go to Gander Mountain and ask why a Rugar 10-22 is better than a Remington nylon 66 and you are speaking another language.

The big stores have lost the knowledge and the passion for what made Clark's Sports a Brazil landmark. You couldn't buy a pair of sneakers without leaving the store with socks and a jock and cup. If you think it was all because of making a bigger sale, you would be wrong. L.T., actually, cared about his customers. They were his friends. Their kids were important to him. The equipment was fitted to each kid. Ever get that done at Wal-Mart?

Places like Clark's are gone like the drive-ins and full-service gas stations. But I wanted Larry to know that he and Janice made a lasting memory for hundreds of kids and sportsmen in this area. I worked at Clark's while in high school and have never worked with anyone with more integrity or passion for what they did than L.T. Clark.

I wish my kids could have had the opportunity to experience Clark's Sporting Goods. There will never be another L.T. Clark.

Thanks Larry,

Ken Hofmann,