Letter to the Editor

Reader upset with find inside dumpster

Sunday, June 15, 2008

To the Editor:

I am not even sure where to begin. On Sunday evening, my friends found a very teeny kitten in a small dumpster by the Brazil Police Dept.

They heard it crying. They brought it to me. I guess I am pretty soft-hearted when it comes to defenseless animals. This kitten should not have been taken from its mother. That is how small it was.

I went to Kroger and bought replacement milk for it and had a small animal bottle to feed it with. I sat up all night with this poor little baby holding it, petting it and feeding it. By morning, it was apparent that it was having breathing difficulties. Unfortunately, the vet does not open until 9 a.m. I worked and worked with this baby trying to help it breathe and keep it alive until I could get to the vet. Unfortunately, my attempts were to no avail. This poor little defenseless baby died in my arms.

I am furious at the person who dumped this little animal. If you didn't want kittens, why didn't you have your cat spayed? It is not humane to let an animal breed when you know you are only going to kill the babies. Any animal. I realize taking any animal to the Humane Shelter is not an option in Clay County anymore. Not only is it not humane, it isn't even a good shelter.

People, do not get a pet for your children unless you realize what it takes to have a pet. They take as much of your time and love as does a child. Sometimes, even more because they cannot tell you when they are sick or how they feel. If you have pets, for pete's sake, have them properly neutered and spayed so that we can cut down on these poor defenseless little animals.

While I only had that kitten one night, I have cried about it and its siblings, wherever they may be. My heart is too old to handle this. And to the person who dropped that little kitten, I hope that you have some conscience and feel remorse for what you did. I am glad that I do not know you. I don't think that you are a very good person.

Jaqui Griffith,