Letter to the Editor

Area resident thanks all for help with flood

Sunday, June 15, 2008

To the Editor:

Praise, thanks and gratitude I feel are in order to the "Angels in City Hall."

When I had water up to the ceiling in my basement and needed pumping equipment, I called Mayor Ann Bradshaw.

She immediately had two city employees come up to help install a pumping unit to remove the water.

Also thanks to my friends, Phil and Joan Rissler, who also came to my rescue in the situation. He bought many types of equipment to help.

Thanks to Alison Pond for bringing electric fans and to my good neighbor Chris Buck for cleaning the mud off my sidewalks. Also, to Molly McQueen, Albert Burns, Kurt Spellbring and Ersell Burgess for acts of help shown.

God bless you all. We live in a fine little town and there is 100 percent good to say about teamwork in time of disaster.


David Krampe,