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Harmony Happenings

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Harmony United Methodist Church has a new intern that will be joining us for a few months. We want to welcome her to the community.

United Methodist Women will meet on Monday, June 23, in Fellowship Hall at the church, at 7 p.m., and all ladies are invited to attend. Carole Weaver will prepare the lesson and Kenda Dierdorf will be our hostess. Join us.

Several neighbors have been playing catch up with Mother Nature now that the winds, hail, and rains seem to have gone into a more normal mode. Our yard is so out of control. I filled the lawn cart with bush trimmings and weed pullings three times this week, high as the garden tractor could pull it, and am still working on the front. There are three sides to go plus out back. Guess I will have to stay home and work.

For about two days I had a pretty little garden. There were tomato plants, zucchini, eggplants, peppers, and four boxes of broccoli. I like broccoli. Apparently the rabbits like it even more. Not one plant was left. (I put a plastic bottle shields over two of the remaining sticks and one does have two leaves now.) Then the rains came again. That was worse than the rabbits. The peppers and zucchini are now yellow and spindly. The tomatoes plants still look the same size I put in the ground. I don't think I will be planning any eggplant parmesan either.

The apple tree fell over but the roots seemed still attached on one side. We propped it up, added dirt, staked it, and said a prayer it would survive. The nearby blackberries and peach trees look great but we are sure going to be short on veggies this year. It is amazing how many healthy little weeds have sprouted between those rows of sickly looking plants. Why is it that the rains never seem to discourage the weeds?

Mother Nature seems to have been mad at us but it is probably just our past environmental behaviors catching up with us. We all seem to abuse the earth God gave us and that abuse may be coming back to haunt us. Maybe it is just our turn to get all the bad weather but maybe we are causing the bad trends. Some scientific experts think our misbehaviors are affecting the weather.

It has made me think of all those trees that have gone into notepads, paper towels, paper plates, and napkins. The tons of trash, we try to figure how to get rid of each year, make ugly mountains. All that junk that gets burned pollutes the air. It is supposed to be illegal in Indiana to burn anything but plain wood and paper. Some communities have even outlawed burning leaves. Are we thinking of what we burn in our trash barrels? Do you even have a trash barrel for burning? We like campfires but try never to put any plastic or processed wood in it.

All those vehicles clogging the streets fill the air with exhaust. We take the car when we could carpool and make two trips to the store when we could have done it in one. Americans throw away so much stuff. We don't repair, reuse, or recycle. How many of us discard a shirt because it has lost a button? What do you do with that busted radio?

We need to fix computers and TV's and appliances rather than just scrapping them. One new job in this country, that needs jobs, could be the local repair person. Our product designers have purposely designed everything to be disposable. We need to dispose of that type of thinking and make interchangeable parts whenever possible. There are folks who can take some of the guts out of the computer and update it. If consumers would buy those products, it would encourage more of this type of work. Our pollution problems are in our heads. We just need to change our thinking.

I hear the Japanese have designed a vehicle that runs on the hydrogen in water. One liter of water runs it for an hour. History tells us that our own companies used to buy out the innovative designs and scrape them to silence the competition. We need to reward rather than discourage the alternate fuel designs. We need to do more research with solar and ethanol and whatever else we don't even think about yet. But we can't just depend on big companies to make our choices for us.

When we lived in Southern Indiana, I used to be so good at recycling and I've gotten lazy. Shame on me. In Dubois County, it was easy to recycle because there were dumpsters, in each little town, to hold the items that could be reused. The dumpsters were labeled for glass, colored glass, plastic, paper, cardboard, steel cans, aluminum cans, etc. The supervisor supervised the unloading of each vehicle. We were charged for each plastic trash bag but all recycling was free.

We kept a couple of extra trash bins for recyclables in the garage. I rinsed out food cans as we opened them or just threw them in the dishwasher when I had room. The cans weren't stinky in the garage. They did not attract ants and yet, it took little effort. People in town had certain days to set out recyclables for pick up. Those of us out in the county just loaded up our stuff and headed to the disposal site, in the closest little town when needed. Sites were open 2-3 days each week.

If all of us would just make a few efforts to reduce our global abuse it would make a big difference in a few years. Most of us think we will do better next time. Well, tomorrow is here. Whether it affects the weather or not, thinking of our earth actions and making some changes could only help. I have been going to call the recycle place at Knightsville forever and see what items they take. No more putting it off. I am saying it, in writing, that I am going to call them This Week and start to do better. Maybe the rainstorms were Mother Nature's way of yelling at us. I hear ya', Mom!

Denny and I were both sad to hear the passing of Tim Russert. I didn't get to hear him on many Sunday mornings but he was still my favorite newsman. I can't think of any other newscaster that will fill his spot. He would ask the tough questions. No one was immune to his inquiries. Many of the other news people give away their politics or affiliations within the first few minutes of reporting. Russert seemed like the lone searcher of truth in a crowd of crackling crows. It is like losing a friend.

Happy Birthday to Kate Trout (19th), Kraig Dierdorf (22nd), Dan Pell (23rd Our granddaughter Auriel Sidney Long will celebrate her birthday in Jasper on June 23rd. Happy Anniversaries to Mr. & Mrs. Brad Pell (19th), Mr. & Mrs. Jim Pell (30th). Happy July Anniversary to Mike and Karen Roach (July 2nd).