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Harmony Happenings

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Emma Clossen, the new intern at Harmony United Methodist Church, will lead a summer Women's Bible Study each week. The group will meet on Wednesday mornings from 9-10 a.m. in Fellowship Hall. They will study the book of James. All women are invited.

Vacation Bible School will be scheduled later this summer. We usually have it in June. It will run from Monday, July 21-Friday, July 25 in the evenings. It will be a combined program with First Presbyterian. Directors for the new program will be Sarah Lawrence and Nicole Tipton.

Harmony United Methodist Women met in Fellowship Hall on Monday evening. Kenda Dierdorf was the hostess and Carole Weaver gave the lesson. More information on the meeting will be published later.

Pastor Bob's sermon for next Sunday will be titled, "Just A Sip" and will be taken from Matthew 10:40-42.

Have you driven south on Harmony Road? Two unsightly properties have had a facelift. Tom Miller's rubble and later overgrowth was due to an explosion that badly injured him. He has worried about his property and his neighbors ever since that time. The property could not be cleared until the litigation to determine fault had been settled. It was in limbo for a long time. Tom Miller's place doesn't even appear to have a dandelion out of place now. It looks great. We are happy to hear that Tom's health is better.

The new owners of another property, nearly across the street from Miller's, have done some major work, also. The house had been barely visible among the weeds. Some of the overgrowth touched the roof. Now, there is a nice outbuilding, behind the house, I never knew existed. The King family is doing a terrific clean-up job.

All these facelifts help the rest of the neighborhood to look nice, cut down on stray animal hideouts, and discourage the mosquito population. Thanks.

As I promised last week, I called the recycle place at Knightsville to find out what items could be recycled. Wallace Brothers manage the facility but it is part of the Clay, Owen, Vigo Solid Waste District. The nice lady at Wallace's told me they accept newspapers, junk mail, cardboard, plastics No. 1-7, tin and aluminum cans. These items can be dropped off for free. Right now, they don't take any glass. They take things like old aluminum windows to recycle but do charge because they have to remove the glass.

Plastic bottles have a number on the bottom. If those numbers are between one and seven, they can be taken to Knightsville. They need to be clean. Aluminum and tin cans should be clean and have no labels on them. If each of us just remembers to rinse it out when we finish with it, then recycle, we could greatly help to clean up America. Keep the different items easy to sort into the various containers when you get to Wallace Brothers.

Various churches and other organizations take aluminum cans, and cash them in for money, to help with their projects. Some of them even do pick-up. Yes, I am trying to get back to the habit of recycling. We use all of our newspapers but have other items we could recycle. This week, the aluminum cans are rinsed and on the counter to put in the right receptacle. I forgot the tuna fish can and threw it in the trash compactor but I will try to remember next time I open something. I will rinse those plastic bottles and not trash them.

Denny and I were really surprised, when we lived in Dubois County, how much recycling cut down on what went in the trash can. If it can be recycled, it should be recycled. The experts say that 60 percent of all the trash does not have to go in the trash. It is just a matter of changing our habits a little to help a lot.

I talked to Janet Reed at the Clay, Owen, Vigo Solid Waste District. She said that she had helpful hints and other brochures at her office. She was in Terre Haute, helping with the flood program, and did not have those materials on hand with her. She said people often ask what to do with paint. Normally, there is a Tox-Away Day to dispose of these kinds of materials. With all the flood work, this may not happen for quite a while.

Latex paint can be disposed of with regular trash if it is solid. It must be solid. A small amount left in the can will dry if the lid is left off for a few days. Sawdust or other absorbing material can be placed in cans that still have a lot of paint in them. Do not put liquid paint in the trash. Don't put batteries in the trash either.

There are at least two roads, probably more, in Harmony that are closed due to damages from the first week of June. Our Jackson Street still has the bridge out and one of the streets going to Harmony Park is closed. Residents can still get to the park using the other street. Donna at the Highway Garage says the repairs are still on the list but there are many roads in the county that are in even worse shape right now. Some look as though they have been bombed.

Commissioners would like to upgrade some of these problem areas but any funds through FEMA require replacement only. If I understand correctly, upgrading is not part of that funding. We desperately need those disaster monies. Flood damage is costing so much that some local agencies are having difficulty finding the funds, to make all the repairs, and continue to pay the people that work for them. Larger culverts might help to keep these wash-out conditions from happening in the future (Jackson Street needs a larger culvert). If the workers put in a larger culvert, it has to be funded with local monies rather than through FEMA.

We have had a busy week with yard work but we took time out for some fun, too. Kate Trout had a happy birthday at Red Lobster on Thursday even if we had a flat tire coming home. On Saturday, our family headed to Cousin Coleen Thompson's house on the east side of Terre Haute. She and her husband John are such great hosts. We had a late Father's Day/Family Reunion Cookout. Denny and I found time to get to Indiana Jones, too. Good movie. Now back to the weed pulling and mowing.

Happy first part of July Birthdays to Ashley West (2nd), Peggy Pell (3rd), Brenda Shorter (4th), Kaelyn Lawrence & Jack Harper (6th), Sandy Bell & Mike Morgan (7th), Elisha London (10th). Happy Anniversary to Mr. & Mrs. Jim Pell (30th). Happy July Anniversaries to Mike and Karen Roach (2nd), Greg and Rita Jones (3rd), Mr. & Mrs. Ryan London (5th), Fritz and Judy Maurer (10th).

The Harmony Town Council meeting is rescheduled from the first week of July to the 8th. Meetings are held in the Community Center at the corner of Border Street and Highway 40. They start at 7:30 p.m.

Harmony United Methodist Calendar:

June 26 -- Worship Committee 6:30 p.m., Admin. Board 7 p.m.

June 29 -- Worship Service 9 a.m., Sunday School 10:45 a.m.

July 2 -- Clay County Quilters 9 a.m. -- 3 p.m.