Letter to the Editor

Reader displeased with poll

Sunday, June 29, 2008

To the Editor:

I too, am very disappointed in The Brazil Times choice of subject matter in the latest reader poll.

Each week, I have read the new poll results and become puzzled why your newspaper would attempt to analyze the opinions of an average of 300 readers and present that info to the public as an accurate cross section of all your reader's opinions.

It is my belief that your newspaper surely has 10-times this amount of regular readers, most of them just choosing to quietly live with differing opinions, but by far comprising a more accurate yet unaccounted for representation of the majority of your reader's opinions.

Considering the power of suggestion created by words in print, it seems a shame that a poll as this could negatively impact so many when the info is only based on the opinions of so few.

Regarding the subject matter of the poll: I think you will find most lifelong Clay County residents share the same appreciation of the Rotary's Fourth of July Celebration, an appreciation that apparently is not understood or shared by people that have chosen to move into Clay County.

The wonderful memories of the anticipation of the week-long activities that have been embedded in our minds since childhood and the comforting spirit of belonging to a hometown celebration stereotypical of the very independence event that we celebrate serves to reinforce simpler but important values that have long been overlooked.

From the changes that I have observed in this community, I would venture to say that many people now residing in Clay County could benefit greatly if they would only open their minds and reinforce similar values.

I, for one, say a great big thanks to all the past and current members of Rotary who have kept the opportunity alive right in "our own backyard" to experience a little spirit of excitement and anticipation directed toward the Independence Day holiday.

Let's not take the efforts of Rotary and their many sponsors, or the reason we celebrate the Fourth of July for granted.

Linda White,