Letter to the Editor

Reader responds to educator's information

Sunday, July 6, 2008

To the Editor:

I would also like to thank Mrs. Knust, CCSC Curriculum Coordinator, for her response to the Editor of The Brazil Times.

In researching the graduation percentage for CCSC, I have to wonder, what is the root problem for the current rate of graduates? Could it be that our parents, guardians and extended families are not concerned with their students? Why do we place all the responsibility on the school faculty and administration?

As a father of a child starting Kindergarten this fall, I will be involved with the CCSC education process for the next 13 years. Hopefully, my child will be able to participate in advanced courses if she wants to. Graduation for her is preeminent. I give her no choice in that respect. I may not be able to make many choices for her, but I will place all of the resources in her hands to graduate.

I will support the faculty and staff of CCSC for their dedication to the students.

I am a Union Shop Steward for the IBEW. I am appalled that some of our Union brothers and sisters are always looking for something for nothing. What has happened to going over and beyond what our job specifications require, as Mrs. Knust pointed out, the faculty that teaches the advance courses that are in question volunteer their time.

I praise all the faculty for the time and effort they expend to educate our future citizens.

I want our community to stand up and help our generations to come. They are the future of Clay County. I do not want to see our fellow Americans left behind because I have rested on my laurels and expected the United States of America to give me everything.

"Americans want Uncle Sam to solve their problems. The American people have been brainwashed into believing that socialism is better than the free-enterprise system. Many feel that they are due benefits from the government and have found that representatives will tap the nation's treasury for their gain in the form of so-called entitlements," reference U.S. News & World Report, May 19, 2008, page 6.

Are we catering to a better class of citizens? I believe not. Are some citizens expecting the CCSC to baby sit their children five days a week? I believe so.

How can our educators teach students who will not carry the bucket? The CCSC staff wants to teach, why else would you want to be an educator? I would not be a teacher due to the frustration of students being disrespectful, unprepared, let alone not showing up.

I would like to finish by thanking our staff, faculty, administrators and board for their dedication to the future of America.

Ronald A. Hofmann,