Letter to the Editor

Mother delivers apology for son's actions

Sunday, July 6, 2008

To the Editor:

I want to start off by apologizing to the public and to whom my son has vandalized.

I would also like to apologize for the way the system works. I was not brought up or nor did I bring my son up the way he has acted.

I feel the justice system has really let people down. My son has already spent time in prison, was out on parole, been on probation and has already been tried as an adult, but yet I read in the paper he only got two years, one years suspended and is out in six months for good behavior. I ask again where is the justice at? I don't think it is right for my son to be on probation, steal a car, break into places, be all doped up and to be released in six months. Is this how we really want our kids to be?

Remember, kids are our future. There are still people serving more time for less of a crime. I think we should have the right to leave our possessions unattended on our property without fear of our things being messed with. To me, freedom means not having to lock things up.

In closing, I would like to ask again how is our justice system fair?

I would like to apologize once again to whom he has hurt.

Sincerely, his mother,

Mary (Jones)?Raab,