Letter to the Editor

Reader delves into economics of city

Sunday, July 6, 2008

To the Editor:

We have read over the last several months letters from an articulate individual who thinks that Brazil is being held back from reaching its fullest potential in the realm of retail businesses, restaurants, movie theaters and industry.

He is obviously passionate about Brazil and its success (or lack thereof). He was absent the day supply and demand was taught in economics class.

It isn't that the companies or the businesses that he mentioned are being held back, but Brazil (because of population and economic demographics) cannot support them. They have to have "X" amount of business or it isn't worth building, staffing, licensing, insuring or any of the other hoops that a new business has to jump through when it first starts up.

He would do well to take a class on basic economics. But until then, we will just continue to be amazed and entertained by his letter writing.

If he thinks that these businesses can be successful in Brazil, then maybe he can start one on the west side. I am sure he will be out of business and back to writing letters in a very short period.

Industry doesn't want to come here.

Haven't you heard that the Wabash Valley is one of the biggest meth-infested areas in the state? Why would they invest, when they can't hire enough sober people to keep the factory going?

I also like the comparison to Princeton. Two major roads (41 and 64) come together where the Toyota plant was built. Easy for people to travel to work from many miles away.

Many choose to move to Princeton, so their tax base and their ability to purchase goods there in town have made it possible for Princeton to finally be able to afford nice restaurants and movie theaters because the industry was there first and they hired many people.

No such luck in Brazil.

It is too bad, but we probably couldn't get enough people to pass the mandatory drug screen even if they did decide to come here.

Respectfully submitted,

Greg Karn,