Letter to the Editor

Board member eager for first meeting

Sunday, July 6, 2008

To the Editor:

July 10 is the first meeting and organization of a new school board.

It will be my first opportunity to fulfill a campaign promise to keep our elementary schools, to solve our drop out problems and low graduation rates, and to bring an active public into our school planning and operation.

To accomplish these promises, July 10, I am going to request the school board to consider two policies that will help achieve these promises.

One is a self-evaluation by our school board on a regular basis. Secondly, cracker barrel discussions between our school board and our public can be productive for both groups. Conduct these as meetings of mutual discussions with no board votes.

This could establish a working relationship between our board and our public. This could lead to increased public attendance at monthly board meetings and could enhance students' education. A long board-public relationship could be established.

Forrest Buell,

Clay City