Letter to the Editor

Why is that house still there?

Sunday, July 20, 2008

To the Editor:

I was visiting my sister during the Fourth of July week.

Brazil is our hometown, but we moved to Florida eight years ago.

But I don't understand the policy of letting the house across the street sit for years with the wallpaper showing where they have torn off a room. My sister was told that if the windows were broken out, that would make a difference. That can be handled!

The house was that way before my brother-in-law died in 2002, not positive how much longer.

And the only thing that can be done is write the owner a letter that he should mow the grass? I saw a couple looking at the house on the corner that is for sale. Do they really think someone would buy it having that next door?

And another thing, water stands at that corner. Apparently, they can't find where it is coming from. Why? One thing is for sure, Brazil will never have to install speed bumps on their roads.

Janet and Don Trout,

Nokomis, Fla.