Letter to the Editor

Relocated family supports school corporation

Sunday, July 20, 2008

To the Editor:

We have two children, ages 9 and 6, who both just finished a very positive and rewarding year at Staunton Elementary School.

In light of some of the recent negative press the Clay Community Schools have received, we would like to share some of our very favorable experiences at Staunton.

Our oldest son attended private Kindergarten in Vigo County. When he was ready to begin first grade, our family made the choice to move to Clay County and have our children attend the public schools here. We wanted our sons to go to school in a place that was small and where it was easy to get to know other parents and teachers. I visited Staunton School and was so pleased with the atmosphere. The teachers and staff at Staunton are friendly but firm. They emphasize academics first but each child knows that he/she is liked and cared about.

We have had children at Staunton for three years now and frequently volunteer there, so we have had many opportunities to observe the personnel. We can't say enough good things about the teachers, teachers' assistants, and support staff at Staunton Elementary. It is obvious that the number one reason they are there is for the children. These individuals are offering life lessons to Staunton Elementary students every day. Lessons that go far beyond just academics. Every day, those teachers teach our children much more than can ever be written down in a lesson plan book such as how to get along with others and control their emotions, how to persevere and solve problems and how to handle themselves in different situations.

Both of my children feel safe and happy at Staunton. They look forward to going each day and seeing their teachers and friends. I know each is being challenged academically, both in large group instruction and in smaller groups or individually. Every time I am in a classroom at Staunton, I see teachers and teachers' assistants working with students who may need extra help, as well as offering "stepped-up" instruction to those students who are ready for something more.

Of course, we know all schools have problems and there is no perfect school. All of us should be aware of how funds are being spent and whether or not those funds are being allocated appropriately. However, we strongly feel that investment in our school corporation is investment in the children of our community. Of all of the possible uses for our tax contributions, we can't think of a single one that we'd place ahead of the children of Clay County, their teachers and the school corporation responsible for their education.

Paul and Amy Schorr,