Letter to the Editor

'Can Man,' crew get award for tabs

Sunday, July 20, 2008

To the Editor:

John Ellison has earned the name "Can Man" at Community Missionary Church while the volunteers supplying the pop cans and tabs for sacking and boxing for storage and shipment. It's the "Can Man's" job to keep the collecting point clear for more sacks and tabs.

The certificate was awarded on behalf of the McDonald house of Indianapolis, which is a temporary place where whole families may stay while a child is in the Riley Hospital or a surrounding hospital in the area.

The tabs help to cover cost for a whole family to stay one night for $10 and if they cannot afford that, no one is turned away as the tabs cover the cost.

The "Can Man's" helpers, Wayne West, Bill Slack, Tom Fulk and Byron Halfhill all help in sorting and preparing for shipment. Jim Skelton provides the big truck for hauling and a check made out to the church for the "Rice For The Haiti Children Fund."

No monies are taken out for gas or bags for hauling as it is all provided by Community Missionary.

Wonderful people like Judy Tribble, who brings 30-40 pounds every so often all help make our job easier.

We appreciate those of you who take tabs off pop cans for us as some of our help has passed away and our helpers are getting older.

And we ask if you can help us remove the tabs that we can get the fourth million ready for the McDonald House. We don't ask for your money, just your aluminum cans and tabs for our ongoing project to feed the children of Haiti their daily rice. We don't show you bloated bellies, but you can picture one child eating a bowl of rice from Clay County people who care.

Our pastor Darren Connor invites you to our church anytime to visit us. Pop cans and tabs are an on-going mission project.

Thank you,

Marion "Sarge" Eveland,