Letter to the Editor

Keep a better eye on those family pets

Sunday, July 20, 2008

To the Editor:

Recently, coming home for lunch to let our dogs out, I passed a dog that had been recenlty hit in the east bound lane of West Hendrix Street.

It was in the middle of the lane and everyone was just going around it.

I turned around and moved the poor thing off the road and onto the grass, as I figured soon someone would probably hit it again just for the fun ot if.

It's times like this I wonder about our society.

Why would someone hit an animal and just drive off and leave it? Even better, why would you leave it in the middle of the road?

Of course, the bigger question is, if you care about your pet and this dog was apparently cared for since it appeared to have just been groomed, why would you let your dog go outside unattended -- especially when you live on a busy road??

Dog's will explore. That's their nature and they don't understand that there are things out there that can hurt them.

Don't underestimate them. We have two dogs and live off the road and they never go outside unattended. This dog laid out there at least an hour that I know of and noboby apparently had wondered where it was.

My other query while on the subject is why people take their pets in their vehicle when they run errands and leave them in the vehicle when it's 90-degrees outside??People have constantly been cautioned not to leave their pets locked up in a hot vehicle.

Sure, they want to go for a ride, but they don't know they're going to be locked up in a hot vehicle when the windows cracked while you shop at Wal-Mart.

Please folks, be more responsible when it comes to your pets. They love us unconditionally and literally trust us with their lives.

Wouldn't it be our responsibility to know what's best for them?

Roxanna Tisdale,