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Brazil Buzz

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Russell Baker, an American Pulitzer Prize winning writer, best known for his satirical commentary and self critical prose stated "Ah, Summer what power you have to make us suffer and like it." He said a mouthful!

I have been soaking up a lot of sun this summer as I have so many before. It is no secret that my skin has picked up some unwanted baggage on the trip. The sun that I love, encouraged wrinkling, a natural part of aging, before my mirror and I got the picture, and; that is only the half of it. Skin cancer came about, partially, if not fully, born out of ignorance. I did not protect my face and arms, as I did the rest of this body from the harmful rays of the sun until the aforementioned problems began to surface.

Nowadays, things are looking up. When I work outside, I'm prepared. The hat finds its way off the hook, on goes the proper clothing and the treated shades to protect my eyes. My sun-battered exposed skin gets a fine mist of Ultra Sheer BODY MIST SUNBLOCK SPF 70, with helioplex broad spectrum uva -- uvb. The mist is a part of Neutrogena's excellent line of skin products. It is new.

My last visit to my dermatologist was in June. For the first time in almost five years her job was easy. There was nothing for her to do, but the paper work and a thumbs- up. I'm busy working toward my next visit. Those wrinkles that I mentioned are really noticeable now, because, I'm smiling!

Last week, after reading "Brazil Buzz" a couple of my readers called to offer me extra plates to serve up my sweet corn on. That was neat and as nice as the girl's that made my day are.

The corn isn't ready to be harvested yet, but the garden is doing well despite what it has been through. It looks as if the cabbage and tomatoes suffered most. The green bean plants snapped out of it. I cover them every night with milk crates and give the leafy green plants their freedom early each morning. I know my method may not be the best approach to the deer problem that we deal with during the growing season, but it works. The blooms are abundant! This "Deer Whisperer" has sent them a soft- spoken message. Next time, come the lessons to be learned!

Thanks to the generosity of a couple, very nice, free- hearted readers of "Brazil Buzz," Bob and Carolyn, new red potatoes await the arrival of the beans. I will bring home the jowl bacon. That will make your neighbor's in the little blue house at the end of the road happy.

Now, don't think, for a minute, that Mother deer, her young playful son, and the rest of the herd of Whitetails will hunger and thirst, when the sun goes down and the moon comes up. They found the apple tree and a little bit of everything else. If that fails to tickle the taste buds, the soybeans in the field have plenty of goodness to offer, including a drink of refreshing dew on some nights. I haven't tried it, for goodness sake!

The new freezer is a dandy. It sure is something to crow about. This week, I'll silence a few crows of another kind and place their carriers in that cold container.

The free chicks that I received in the spring were straight- run. Only three will begin their egg laying- life come early fall. Twenty-one roosters are getting the ax. The luckiest one of them will watch over the trio of babes, until next spring's hatching season brings some new faces to the tiny flock, namely; purchased pullets. Who knows, before its all over; you may read that, THE KING IS DEAD and I killed him!

In the morning, we will visit the office of The Treasurer of Clay County. We were very pleased with the reduction in our tax obligations. I hope you felt similar relief. I have nothing but praise for those folk's responsible for the cut.

In these days of uncertainty, with so many challenges facing us, good news that helps us out, in any way, including financially is welcome.

I send my heartfelt condolence to the family of my former classmate, Janet Sue (Guth) Schnuerer. I will remember her well. She was a warm and caring person and a friend to all -beautiful inside and out.

Janet Sue Knoll graduated with the Class of 1957 of Brazil High School. Her high school days were busy ones. Her talents and accomplishments were many. My yearbook lists some of them. Janet was a valued member of the orchestra '55-56, Band 54-57 (treasurer '57; Piano Solo-Dist.1ST Div. '57); Girl's Choir '56,'57; The Student Staff '55; Tri -Hi --Y; Sunshine Society; RaVon; Thespian;" Pirates of Penzance"; "Line of Scrimmage": "Father Knows Best" and "The Clown Who Ran Away. "

Those were just a few stepping stones that lead toward the rest of her well- lived life. Rest in peace Janet Sue-sincerely.

I'm still waiting on my grandson Michael to spill the beans, until then, I rest my case. I hurried up, but I can sit it out and wait. Grandparents have the ability to do that.

I can be reached at 446-4852 or drop me a line at 613 No., Elm St., Brazil, IN., 47834 or by email at pmlsartor@aol.